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Recovering Your GMail Based Blogger Account

We've been seeing too many complaints from blog owners who never bothered to remember their Blogger account name or password, and who now cannot login to Blogger.
Help me! My email address changed last month, and now I can't sign in to my blog!
Everybody makes mistakes - but not all mistakes are equal in consequence.

In most cases, the complaints are from people who can't access the original, non GMail email account, because the account is now defunct. Even the "Forgot?" wizard is useless. Reading between the lines, we may see details.

Help Me! I never bothered to remember my password - I used the Forgot Password wizard to reset my password every time I wanted to sign in to my Blogger account. My email address changed last month, I can't get the email from the Forgot Password wizard, and now I can't sign in to my blog!

Blogger blog owners being as they are, they always show us exciting, new ways to make mistakes. This month, we're seeing similar reports, from people who can't use their GMail based Blogger accounts.

I tried using the "Forgot?" wizard, but instead of giving me a hint it told me that it would send an email to my GMail account. This doesn't help me at all - considering I don't remember my email address!
Fortunately, there is a way around this problem, too.

If your Blogger account is based on a GMail account, go to the GMail login display. As with every Google login display, you'll find a helpful link.

Can't access your account?
Clicking on that link, you'll get the Google accounts "Forgot your password?" wizard.

The most obvious section of the "Forgot your password?" display will be the offer

If you are a Gmail user, type your Gmail username.

This won't be terribly useful, when you have forgotten the account name (GMail address). Fortunately, there's a second option here.

Forgot your username?

Clicking on that link, you get the Google accounts "Forgot your username?" wizard.

Hopefully, you can remember the recovery email address, that you provided when you setup the GMail account.

Please enter the recovery email address you provided when creating your account.

You have to know something, to recover access to your blog. If your Blogger account is based on a non GMail email address, you may have a similar possibility. And when you check your email accounts, GMail or non GMail, check persistently.

As you continue with the login / recovery process, be aware of the nature of Blogger accounts, email accounts, and Google accounts. And when you login, use the "One account" login process properly.


But how many of them will still have access to the recovery email address?
Chuck said…
If you are going to own a Blogger blog, you have to make some effort to retain control of the blog. You have an alternative - just not a "get out of jail free card". It's that simple.
biertjuh58 said…
Does not sound like an easy task to me. You'll loose your readers at first, to start with. How to get them back and follow you again? Mailinglists?
Chuck said…
You don't lose your readers. The Blogger account, and the blog(s), are still there - you just don't have control of them.

You simply have to prove that you are the rightful owner of the Blogger account, by providing details which you provided, when you setup the account. When you prove yourself, you get back control of the account, and the blog(s).

The account, and the blog, are preserved by Blogger, on your behalf, for eternity.
Emre Gençtürk said…
I've forgotten GMail password and user name. But the writing here has helped me.
I've tried it all, and I fear now for the worst. Accidently removed my email as an author of the Blogger account. I've tried all of your suggestions (Thank you so much) When I do the forgot user ID and put in email I get the generic message; Check your emails

We've sent you an email message with login instructions for your blog at . Email was sent to your account.
If the email from this page doesn't seem to arrive, you should check your Spam folder in case the message was misrouted. Please make sure that your INBOX is not full so that this message does not bounce.

But an email never arrives. I've tried their instructions, and still nothing. I've contacted support@blogspot 24 hours ago, and have not heard from them yet. Fingers crossed.
Chuck Croll said…
Hi Patricia,

Thanks for the comment!

You may be a victim of the ongoing email delivery problem, that is afficting virtually every Blogger feature that generates email.

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