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Conflicting Edits And Login Loops - Two Symptoms Of The Same Problem

We've been seeing various reports of anguish and frustration, in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken.
I can not access my blogs settings, I get the following error.
Conflicting edit

There was more than one attempt to edit this resource at the same time. This may have been because you double clicked on a link or a button or because someone else is also editing this blog or post.
I can't comment on anybody's blog! I get in an endless loop to sign in!

Both the "Conflicting Edits", and the "Login Loop", symptoms have been reported for some time. It's possible that both of these symptoms are simply different faces of the same problem.

"Conflicting Edits", we've been told, is a symptom of a persistent login session, interfering with the current session, making the Blogger scripts behave as if there are two sessions active.

Besides the repeated issue of cookie filtering, we see possibility of involvement of the Blogger / Google CDN - affected by the realities of Internet connectivity.

The most successful workaround is to clear cache, cookies and sessions, then restart the browser - and failing that, to use a different browser.

The "Login Loop" symptom appears to be a recently seen variant on the long reported problems associated with commenting on blogs that use an embedded comment form. The most successful workaround for this problem is to tell people to not select "Remember Me" when logging in - and failing that, to clear cache, cookies and sessions, then restart the browser - and failing that, to again, use a different browser.

The common advice appears to be
Clear cache, cookies and sessions - then restart the browser.

It's possible that both of these symptoms originate from a favourite diagnosis of mine.
Inappropriate / overly protective filtering of cookies and / or scripts, and effects of automatically updated security products.

And now, we are back, again, to my favourite advice
Know the filters on your computer.

It's your computer - and Blogger / Google cannot support your computer, without your involvement.


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