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Attention Blogger Blog Owners - You Are Responsible For Retaining Access To Your Blogger Account

Nowadays, even if you're going to the corner store for a six pack, you'll lock up your house before you leave. Generally, you do the same at night, before going to bed. Security is a way of life, with the world as it is now.

What happens if you go to the store, leaving the house unlocked because somebody else is in there, and neglect to take your key? The last person in the house is responsible for locking up, before leaving. If you get home, discover the house locked, and realise then that you have no key to get inside, what do you do?
  • Do you call the police, and demand that they send an officer over, to help you break in?
  • Do you call the home owners association, or maybe the landlord, and request key service?
  • If the home owners association, or the landlord, can't be reached, do you complain if they can't provide a 24 hour emergency number, to service you when you are locked out?

Many Blogger blog owners, who would never dream of leaving their house (even with somebody in there when they leave) without carrying a house key, never bother to take any precautions with their Blogger account name and password.
I need to reset my Blogger account password, but I cannot because I no longer have access to my email account.
This is a constantly seen problem report, in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken.

Too many Blogger blog owners use the "Can't access your account?" wizard, on the Blogger / Google login screen, routinely. When they lose the backup email account, because they graduated from college, left a previous job, or whatever, their next question is
Why doesn't Google give me immediate voice based support, for emergency access to my account?
One of the problems with providing emergency access is that, since Blogger allows us to publish our blogs anonymously, it's simply not possible for Blogger to guarantee that they will be able to make any authoritative identification of you, as the owner of your blog, when you cannot access your Blogger account. And help, even if it can be provided, won't be on a real time, voice based basis.

This is a price of anonymity. We have to accept the responsibility for maintaining access to our Blogger account. Blogger cannot do it for us.

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Cloudia said…
excellent advice that should not be needed!

Aloha from Waikiki;

Comfort Spiral
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