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Know What Browser Version You Are Using

Last month, Blogger Support announced a dramatic change in their browser support policy.
Starting next month will only support modern browsers.
It is now more important than ever, to be aware of the browser version that you are using.

If you have a problem with Blogger or BlogSpot, maybe involving
  • The New Blogger GUI (2011).
  • Publishing or reading comments.
  • Seeing or Blocking your Followers.
If you've been advised to check your cookie and script filters, and if you can't seem to find a filter setting that fixes your problem, it's possible that you have an out of date browser. Alternately, you may have a new, unsupported browser version.

If you're using Internet Explorer, you may also do well to check your "Compatibility View Settings".

Find out what version you are using. From the browser menu, select "Help", then select "About". And, there it is - either in the window, or in a popup (this will vary by browser).

With Chrome, which has a completely different menu structure, you find the "Customize and control" menu, and select "Settings", then "Help".

When you know the browser version, verify that it's currently supported - and upgrade if necessary. And when you're asked to provide the browser name and precise version, copy and paste the browser name, and complete version number, from the display. Help the Helpers, to Help You.

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A Z R said…
Hi. I am just trying to leave a comment and see if it works (thanks for the advice, btw). It did work over at my site, so I am just double testing.
Lorelei said…
Hi, I checked and my version of Mozilla Firefox is 3.6.10 but when I checked to see if it is supported it only mentions that Version 3.5 is not going to be supported. So I'm not sure if I'll be okay or not.
Chuck said…

V3.6.10 is probably OK, right now, per Blogger standards. However, you should understand that Mozilla issues updates for a reason. If you are 8 releases behind their current V3.6 (V3.6.18 is current), you're probably risking yourself in other ways.

Also, when Mozilla releases V3.7, or V5 (which ever comes first), all V3.6.x will be unsupported by Blogger.
Lorelei said…
Okay, I have Firefox V. 6 now--hope that will be okay for a few months anyway...
donna baker said…
I use Chrome as my browser and updated it to see if that was causing the error codes and my reading list to disappear. My computer uses Windows 7. Thanks for your help. I am at a loss as to what else I can do.

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