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Blogger Sucks - I'm Moving My Blog To A Different Platform

We see this complaint, in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken, almost daily.
I hate the comment filters - I'm moving my blog to WordPress!
WordPress gives you SEO tools, why are there no SEO tools for Blogger?
I can't stand Blogger requiring that I enable third party cookies to not count my pageviews - I'm setting up a Tumblr blog!!
How dare Blogger tell me that I can't publish my entire blog on the main page! I'm setting up my blog on my ISP's blogging service, where there no limits!!!

Features like auto pagination, and comment filtering, are not optional. Everybody has to work within the limits, to make Blogger consistently responsive and usable. And the need for third party cookies, which lets Blogger separate their common program libraries (which contain complex code, which we must trust) from our individual blogs (which we should not trust), is not understood by everybody.

Not everybody who is forced to use these features (which includes all Blogger blog owners and guests) appreciates the necessity for each. Yet we all benefit from them, jointly, when they are properly used.

There are other tools that people don't get with Blogger. Blogger encourages us to publish blogs for our readers. Google gives us Webmaster Tools, to help us control who the search engines reach, and tell about our blogs. They don't give us SEO Tools, to help us reach people who have no interest in the content of our blogs.

The Blogger Blogosphere is large, with a lot of people, of widely varied technical skill level, and benevolence of intent. Like any large family, or group of people of any nature, there will always be people who don't agree with each other, and who want to go elsewhere. Fortunately, nobody is forced to publish their blog or website, using Blogger One Button Publishing.

Anybody who does not appreciate Blogger policy is permitted to leave - just understand the possible consequences. If you move to WordPress, because of the comment filters, or the provided SEO tools, you'll have to deal with a URL change, and loss of traffic (you cannot redirect your BlogSpot URL). Plus, you'll be on a different blogging platform, which will either
  1. Be less visible, and of no interest to search engines and spammers.
  2. Be of interest to spammers, and have its own spam problems.
  3. Be of interest to spammers, and have an already established spam mitigation policy. You may not agree with the filters there, either - and the filters there, already trained by blog owners there, may be harder for you to deal with than the ones here.

The grass is always greener - until you get there. And once you get to the other side, you may look back and see that your decisions may have affected its colour, even as you complained about the colour.

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starsunflower said…
There are ways to redirect your blogger posts to wordpress with import tools and a script in your blogger template that redirects people to the new site.

There are pro's and cons with both of the "hosted" platforms. What I like about blogger instead of is the ability to completely tweak out your theme and not have to pay an extra fee to do so.

With self hosted wordpress blogs, there are scripts to keep up to date to prevent security vulnerabilities, etc. It's just more maintenance for the average non-techie user.
And nine will get you ten that within a year they will be complaining about something that the other platform does and moving yet again.
Chuck said…

You can try using a script in your Blogger template, that redirects people to the new site.

We've had a few of those blogs reported, in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken, getting quoted the old Spam Appeal Guidelines - April 2011. It's called "Malicious JavaScript" - and it doesn't always work, either.
Anonymous said…
I can't understand when people say blogger sucks.

Blogger is the easiest to use and is free with everything explained to make it even easier.

I commented because I love this blog (:
Wordsmith said…
I like Blogger too. It is free and simple to use. The policy was not difficult to read or understand.
Happyone:-) said…
I just want to say i've been a blogger for a few years now and have no complaints.
I love having my blogs here. : )
Thanks for all you do to make it easy for us to use.
Flippy Doodle said…
People complain about Blogger all the time, and I don't get why. I have tried almost all of the major blogging services out there, including Wordpress and Tumblr.

While Wordpress is good, it does not allow you to edit the template code, at all. This was annoying as hell, so I quit it.

Tumblr is horrid. It goes down all the time, and if you try to upload a picture more than 700kb the server goes down on you.

The only good thing about Tumblr is that people design really awesome themes for it.

So far Blogger has been the best for me. Nothing beats it. It is the easiest to tweak and use, both for people who want to tweak the code, or users who don't want to code.

Ok, I do complain about the commenting system a lot too, but people can easily install Disqus, Comment Loving, etc. Plus, Blogger has improved so much in the past year, that I am sure they must be working on the commenting system too.
August Goforth said…
The "New" blogger is absolutely retarded, stupid, awful, devo, obviously not designed by end-users.

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