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Bloggers Unable To Comment On Blogs, Told That They Do Not Have Access To The Page

Several weeks ago, we observed that some blog guests and owners were reporting problems posting comments to blogs with embedded comment forms.
I can't comment on anybody's blog! I get in an endless loop to sign in!
Today, we're getting reports of a new problem.
I try to post a comment. When I click "Post" it tells me
Your account does not have access to view this page.
It appears that Blogger is trying to refine the comment authentication problem, by providing warning of the problem. In the attempt, they may be causing more confusion. It's also possible that this new symptom may be a side effect of the new Blogger browser support policy.

Until this week, the immediate solution for people, when reporting the commenting login loop, involved a simple, two part process.
  • First, try a different login procedure.
    1. Login to Blogger using "".
    2. Do not check "Remember me".
  • If that does not help, try a second time.
    1. Clear cache, cookies, and sessions (not just cache or cookies) - then restart the browser.
    2. Login to Blogger using "".
    3. Do not check "Remember me".
The key part of the procedure, for both parts, appeared to be to not check "Remember me". A possible change to the login cookie structure may have necessitated the clearing of cookies (with cache, and sessions), in early cases.

As noted, the login procedure change was only a workaround - the underlying problem, excessive filtering of web content - cookies and scripts - needs to be resolved, by each person, as an effective long term strategy. For a short term strategy, though, not checking "Remember me" was an acceptable solution.

The effective result of the recently seen change must now be determined.

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Lily Seymour said…
Today is the first day it's working for me being able to comment on anyone's Blog. I'm still a little annoyed that I have to sign into my Blog each and every time I want to update it or just look at my Dashboard.
Jessica Carol said…
I can leave comments on other people's blog, but they can't leave comments on mine. All of my comment settings are fine is there anything else I can do?
Kwiatki said…
Thanks for this advice. I finally managed to comment on a blog. :)
Adrianzors said…

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