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What's New Is Old Again

Recently, Blogger announced exciting new changes coming, in Blogger. This week, we are seeing signs of the confusion.
What's the "New Blogger", that everyone is talking about?

We see these questions, periodically. Every year, there is some type of "New Blogger". When Blogger releases another "New Blogger", everybody talks about "New Blogger" as if it was something completely rewritten, and obviously different from "Old Blogger". Remember that, at any time "Old Blogger" was "New Blogger" just the previous year, and was being fixed - as "Blogger" - just the previous week.

Does anybody remember "New Coke", in 1985? People who liked "Coke" (aka "Old" Coke) and hated "Pepsi" (aka "New" Coke) kept and shared notes of where they could find stores still selling "Coke", and would drive miles to find "Coke". This was, obviously, long before the "Internet" was even a dream - and when you could fill up your gas tank without getting a bank loan.

To add to the confusion, Blogger has several ways of releasing each "New" Blogger feature / version.
  • New Blogger (2006), where dynamic XML templates were introduced, was for a while addressed as "".
  • New Post Editor (2010) is selected from Settings - Basic.
  • Various new features are "temporarily" accessible from "". Note that "Draft" (blue "B" icon) Blogger - as opposed to "Production" (orange "B" icon) Blogger - will have ever changing features.
  • The "Designer Template" GUI wizard has a link "Template Designer" in "Page Elements" - and links back to "Page Elements" as "Back to Blogger".
  • The "Insert image" wizard in "Post Editor" will vary for you, depending upon whether you are using "Draft" Post Editor, and / or "New" Post Editor.

From time to time, I've written various temporary guides, to try to help distinguish between alternately available Blogger selections.
Who knows what "New" we'll see, in 2011? Watch this space.

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Mary said…
And with the release of Blogger for Android there's now a totally different new blogger client from Google, too.
Gerry Adams said…
Right, I'm hoping they'll add more features to the Android app soon, as it doesn't yet allow you to do much.
Blaine said…
There is so many cool things you can do with blogger blog. It is amazing what you can do with different features. If they add more features, the blogs will be better than most sites.

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