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Monday, April 26, 2010

Where Is The Template Designer Wizard?

The new Designer Templates were released over a month ago, and still not everybody knows how to access them. Almost daily, we see the plaintive query
Where in my Blogger settings can I access the new Blogger template designer?
and to be sure, it seemed, at one time, a bit tricky.

(Update 2010/06/10): The Template Designer is now a production Blogger feature.

The Template Designer is now part of Production (Orange) Blogger, and is accessible from the dashboard or navbar "Design" link.

If you click on "Design" from the dashboard or navbar, you get the "Page Elements" wizard, where you find the "Template Designer" link.

There it is - "Template Designer".

Just login to Blogger, click on "Design", and select "Template Designer" from the bottom tab row.

You can't miss it.

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Matt said...

screen shots would be useful

Chuck said...

screen shots would be useful

Badda Bing.

Cheri Shanti Lunn said...

I've done that and I just get a black screen with no templates and nothing I can seem to do at all but watch the Big B in the middle of the page..???

Debbi said...

I am getting the same as Cheri, a "B" in the middle of the page and it will not opne. Help?

Chuck said...

Cheri / Debbi,

You have a problem with the Template Designer script - most likely a security setting problem.

Debbi said...

I fixed it before I got your note this afternoon. I have Explorer 9.whatever. I found a compatibility view for the browser. I set it for Blogger and other sites. I can now fiddle around in the Template Designer. Luckily, I did not have to fiddle with my security settings,

Debbi said...

I fixed it before I could let you know and I got your reply. I found a comaptibility view in Explorer 9.whatever. I set it to work with Blogger and other sites. Luckily, I did not have to mess with my security settings. Thank you!

Shopgirl said...

What should I do..I get the black screen with no templates, just a bi B in the middle of the screen...Help

Chuck said...


We need to diagnose this, with you posting in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken.