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Blog Owners Losing Blogs When GMail / Google Accounts Are Disabled

This week, we've gotten a number of reports from unhappy blog owners, in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken, who find their blogs deleted, and their Blogger / Google accounts disabled.

Upon trying to login to GMail (for GMail based Google accounts), or to Blogger (for both GMail and non GMail based Google accounts), they are redirected to Google Accounts: I'm getting a message that says 'Sorry, your account has been disabled.'.

At the top of the latter display, you see in yellow
Please visit the Apps Status Dashboard for more information.
The Apps Status Dashboard for 3/8/11 shows a note of "Service disruption" for "Google Mail". This leads to a PDF document Gmail Outage - February 27, 2011.
At 6:00 PM, February 27, Google Engineering temporarily disabled access to Gmail and other Google Apps services for all potentially affected users. This was a precautionary measure to prevent issues with data integrity during the mailbox restoration process. When users attempted to log in to their Gmail or Google Apps account, they received the message, “Sorry, your account has been disabled.” At 1:30 PM, February 28, following further analysis, Google Engineering identified those users not affected by the software bug, and restored their account access. For the affected users, Google Engineering restored access to all of their Google Apps services other than Gmail.
Apparently, and not unusually, Google was a bit optimistic.
Google Engineering and Google Support worked directly with the remaining users as needed, and by 11:30 AM, March 3, all Google Apps for Business user accounts had been restored.

The latest word was provided this afternoon, in Google Mail: Today's Status
The problem with Google Mail should be resolved.

The above advice applies to the mass disabled Google accounts, that were being handled directly with GMail Support personnel, 3/8 - 3/11/2011. If your account has not been re enabled, or if the above details don't seem to apply to your account, you're probably going to have to request review / restore on your own.

Looking carefully at the bottom of Google Accounts: I'm getting a message that says 'Sorry, your account has been disabled.', you will see
If you believe your account was disabled in error, contact us.
The link to "contact us" leads to Google Accounts: My account is disabled, and a chance to solve another CAPTCHA.

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Mary said…

There's a key word in this sentence:

"Google Engineering and Google Support worked directly with the remaining users as needed, and by 11:30 AM, March 3, all Google Apps for Business user accounts had been restored."

That means that the problem is not yet fixed for all "Apps for the rest of us" (in their words ndividuals, groups and entrepreneurs)
Khan Jee said…
My Gmail and all of my 7 blogs still not restored. I still looking forward to resolve my issue asap. My blogs and my Gmail is my life and i request to Google and Blogger to please restore my account asap.


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