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Post Editor, Stats, Template Designer, And Internet Explorer V9

Some time ago, Microsoft deployed the latest version of their browser, Internet Explorer Version 9. Blogger blog owners and readers alike are starting to use IE V9 on their computers - and recently, we've started to see hints in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken, indicating that Blogger may not be up to date in allowing for its unique requirements.
Since I loaded Internet Explorer 9 on my computer, my Stats sits loading ... forever.
I can't publish any more. It just sits there spinning!

In retrospect, and were I not professional in my advice, I would simply say
I told you so!

Every new browser version produced by Microsoft has offered its own challenges - and it appears that Version 9 - and both Post Editor and Blogger Stats - is not going to perform differently.

If you have recently observed that Post Editor, Stats, or Template Designer fails to load properly, on your computer - and you are using Internet Explorer - check your update log, or your browser version. If you really want to help us to help you, first check your Internet Options Security Settings, next check all security features in the computer and on the network, then report your findings and questions in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken.

Some blog owners have reported that using the IE "Compatibility View Settings" option, for "", may enable you to avoid the observed problems.

There are multiple features of the Internet Explorer V9 updates, that may affect you.
  • The base browser code has been rewritten.
  • Support for high level add-on languages ("scripts") has changed.
  • Different and new security settings, which control browser based filtering, have changed.
Blogger code is complex and interactive - and the ability of Blogger code to run on your browser and your computer is dependent upon all 3 features.

In some cases, where the post editor is where your problem appears, you may find Internet Explorer Version 9 to work better, if you are able to use the New Post Editor.

Barring that one workaround, you'll have to wait. Each new browser version brings more work for Blogger Support - and Blogger Support employees can't do everything, immediately. While you wait, you have a few choices.
  1. Use a different version of post editor. If you can deal with the other differences, try either the "Updated editor" in Production Blogger (Settings - Basic - Global Settings), or the editor in New GUI (2011) Blogger.
  2. From the Internet Explorer menu, select "Tools" - "Compatibility View Settings", and type "" into "Add this website".
  3. In Internet Explorer, click on the "broken page" icon, at the end of the address bar.
  4. Re install Internet Explorer Version 8.
  5. Use Chrome or Firefox for your Blogger activity.

Internet Explorer V7 has none of these specific issues. However, IE V7 is out of date, and is not supported by Blogger or by Microsoft - so, if you are still using IE V7, you need to upgrade your browser, today - not tomorrow.

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Erica Lea said…
Just want to say thanks for this! Found you because I couldn't publish my post and was searching for a solution. I just installed IE9 this week. I used the Compatibility View tip here, and it worked - yay!
Brooke said…
Thank you for this, you saved me a lot of time!!!!!
Ashley said…
I'm adding my thanks to you on this page too. Option #1- adding to "Compatibility View Settings" worked for me.
I'm impressed, appreciative, and so happy! Thanks again!
The Stuck's said…
Thanks for publishing this - it was extremely helpful!
Cherelynn said…
Wow! Does it hurt much being such a genius?!!! Thank you so much for the "compatability view" suggestion because it worked! All is well for now! Thank you for taking the time to post your helpful answer!
Jenn said…
Thanks! The tip adding blogger to the Compatibility View Settings fixed my right up.
Peter said…
THAK YOU! I did hit "Compatibility View Settings", and it Posted without problem. Man what a hard time we have been having the last month oir so. Hope that what we are seeing is a light at the end of the tunnel. THANKS again for the info.
Kathy Skou said…
Thank you VERY MUCH for this... I added blogger to compatibility view and I'm back in action... your help has saved me from more hours of dealing with this!!
Anonymous said…
Brilliant! Worked for mr too! You are a star!
Cyndi said…
Thank You Guru!
Beth said…
thank u,,, thank u,,, and thank u,,,worked like a charm
Nancy said…
Thank you so much :) it worked for me!
Mimi said…
thanks from me too, it's really nice of you to publish this
Book Girl said…
Thank you for the great information.

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