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The Template Designer Wizard Is Now In Production

The "Template Designer" wizard is now part of Production (Orange) Blogger. Where you used to see "Layout", you'll now see "Design" or "Designer".

From your Blogger dashboard, click on "Template", then "Customize". You'll get the "Page Elements" wizard, with a link to the "Template Designer".

If the blog has a Designer or Layout template, and you're logged in to the blog with administrative authority, you'll have a "Design" link in the navbar - and a "Template" dashboard page.

Click on "Design" - or "Template" then "Customize", and you'll get the "Template Designer".

From the dashboard Template page, click on the "Customize" button.

From "Layout", you'll be able to add or re arrange gadgets - or access "Edit HTML". There, you can

The "Fonts and Colors" wizard, conversely, is now part of the "Advanced" menu in "Template Designer".


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