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Static Pages, With Multiple Posts

Let me very clear here. Static pages, and posts, are simply two different things. You cannot publish posts on a static page. You can, however, have posts on a page.
(Update 2012/05): This post is now obsolete, with Blogger now offering the combination of Pages (dynamic and static), and the ability to redirect any URL in the blog to any other URL in that same blog.
The default Pages gadget is simply a linklist that only indexes static pages, as maintained by the Pages gadget in Post Elements. If you replace the Pages gadget with a linklist that you maintain as a linklist, you can index archive retrievals, label searches, single posts, and URLs of other blogs and websites in your linklist.

Label searches are a popular way to publish multiple posts on a page.
  • Publish your posts using various labels.
  • Index various label searches, in your linklist.

Alternatively, a true static page, with multiple sections, is easy enough to setup - if you like static pages.

Click on a tab labeled "Contact", and you get a page with a title of "Contact".


<h3 class="post-title entry-title"><a href="#">Contact</a></h3>
Maybe you would like to have two more posts - "Contact Me At Home" and "Contact Me At Work". All that you need to do is edit the page, and add two more titles in the body of the page.
<h3 class="post-title entry-title"><a href="#">Contact Me At Home</a></h3>
<h3 class="post-title entry-title"><a href="#">Contact Me At Work</a></h3>
Having added the titles, just add the necessary text below each title.

The page will still have a tab labeled, simply, "Contact". But it will have a total of 3 titles, visible when you click on the "Contact" tab.


Contact Me At Home

Contact Me At Work

You won't have real posts in a multiple section static page - none of the sections will be indexed in an archive, or a label, search. But short of what they won't be, they can still look like, posts.

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Surya Kasturi said…
thanks... this helps me a lot
thanks, man.. this helped a lot..
sapphire said…
i still dont get it. it doesnt work. i want my staic pages to have more than one post not a whole big chunk of text
Nitecruzr said…
i want my staic pages to have more than one post not a whole big chunk of text

OK, use a custom Pages / Posts Index, and index label searches.
Bhakti Omwoods said…
Oh God, I still can't figure this out. I'll continue perusing your site. Thanks ;)
Nitecruzr said…
Oh God, I still can't figure this out

Why not post a question, in BHF: How Do I?, so we can figure out what you need to know?
Sir, please help me...I have a confusing problem related to the subject of your article.
I know that pages and posts are not the same thing- but I want to start a blog that has several pages that I "update" often and in which readers can participate with comments.
Example: A swapping page where I weekly "post" a new idea and readers swap their ideas on that page.

A "Did you Know?" page where I weekly post some new information for readers.

I don't want just plain "categories". I want the new "posts" to be on their appropriate pages.

I'm not exactly sure how to get something like this in a blog, and I'm getting desperate.

Could you give some suggestions? would've been a solution, but I'd have to buy a domain and host my blog, which I can't afford.

Many thanks!
Nitecruzr said…

If you replace the default Pages gadget with a pages / posts / whatever index gadget, you can index individual posts just as well as label searches (aka "categories"). Or, you can index static pages.

Either static pages, or posts, can have comments.
Pushkar Bajpai said…

The problem is if anyone clicks on the "post title" it is directed towards the login page. So does it mean I can't direct it towards a separate page for that "post"?


Secret Keeper said…
I dont know what to do, this is all so confusing can you help me put diffrent POSTS on diffrent pages, please?
Nitecruzr said…

Replace the default Pages gadget with a linklist. Then add entries to the linklist, for various label searches. The label search results will be your different POSTS on different pages.

This is actually slightly deviated from the current discussion topic, but i wanted to make my blog look like a magazine...all's well except for the fact that , the problem, is, I have static pages like: Articles section, Infotainment section etc...which would have to be updated once a month...the problem? when i would do so, i actually have to overwrite those pages, and thus, my old data is lost...So, if someone wanted to check the older materials,(through archives or sth), they actually won't be able to do so...can you suggest an alternative ?
You can check my blog out(it is still under the process of development) and then provide me with some solutions.
Nitecruzr said…
If you have static pages that you update once a month, they are not static pages.

Publish your content in posts, indexed by label searches. Replace the Pages gadget with a linklist, and index the Label searches ("Articles", "Infotainment", ,,,) in linklist entries.
Dena Jensen said…
Hi, Thanks for your help! I am slowly getting this... It feels like a different language to me. I am wondering: Can I Use "Labels" like a Page, just rename them and have the same effect as Page, with out having to start all over on my blog... Of course I could... Just thinking of "convenience"... Am I asking right? What I am trying to do Is the easiest way Make My Pages have multiple posts, which I understand can nnot be done, so I can use the Labels as a Page, with the same Attribute and up near where my pages are? Can I do that? does that make sense? Tah much
Dena Jensen said…
Instead of a linklist can I use Label Gadget and have the same effect? I am not understanding the linklist concept but I understand labels. I think the linklist as internet addresses to post different webpages... Am I thinking wrong?
Nitecruzr said…

A Labels gadget is an XML based linklist - so, theoretically, yes, a Labels gadget should display like a generic XML Based linklist.

I typically do not recommend using a Labels gadget, because most blogs of any size have too many labels to make a typical horizontal linklist display practical. But you can try it, if you wish.
Dena Jensen said…
Thanks for your suggestions! You are awesome.
I saw you made an index menu, when you make an index menu, do you label it the same way you would a link list? and from what I am reading... I can make a links list and label my posts. Can the links list be horizontal under my Header Picture if I want it to?
I think you understand what I am trying to do...
K.J. said…
Thank you so much. I am new to blogging and I'm trying to set up my blog. This really helped me out a lot!

Unknown said…
Hi there, i really cannot understand why google wouldnT solve this issue and make everyone happy? This is such an easy problem for them to solve? Check out my blog and see what i'm going through. My trip is in parts, and i want to have multiple posts on different pages, what you are suggesting seems too complicated, do you think my other pages will also look like my homepage?
Thank You!
Nitecruzr said…

Thanks for your comment - which served as a reminder for me to update my advice. With Blogger now offering the combination of Pages (dynamic and static), and the ability to redirect any URL in the blog to any other URL in that same blog, this post now needs updating.

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