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Owner Activity Does Not Determine URL Availability

One interesting question, that we see from time to time in Blogger Help Forum: Learn More About Blogger, is about owner activity and "dormant" blogs.

Many people would like to publish to an inactive Blogger address - but Blogger supports the current owner right to anonymity and privacy - and to keep their blog, until they want to give it up. One of the challenges, in this case, may be identifying dormant blogs.

It's generally not difficult to identify publishing activity, for most publicly visible blogs.

We can identify publishing history, easily enough.
With a publicly published blog, we can generally examine the blog itself, and the automatically published posts sitemap - and see what posts have been published, and when.

However, a blog does not have to be repeatedly published, to be useful. Similarly, some blogs are published too often - and others, not enough, even when regularly.

Blogger requires no minimum posting activity or volume.
Since Blogger imposes no minimum posting schedule, they won't declare any blog as "dormant". A blog can be published once a day, once a month, or once every 10 years - and if the owner is happy with reader activity, the blog remains valid.

Only the owner knows reader value or future purpose of a blog.
Even with maintenance / publishing activity being visible to the public, only the owner is likely to have access to reader activity counters and logs. Only the owner, then, can identify blogs that are truly dormant.

And even with a blog being static, and receiving no reader activity for the last 10 years, it's possible that some blogs may have a purpose, in the near - or distant - future, planned long ago.

Blogger simply provides anonymous ownership, for eternity.
Blogger tells us, simply
Blogger accounts and Blog*Spot addresses do not expire.
If the URL is not stolen, and TOS is not violated, the blog and URL will remain the property of the owner - until the owner chooses to give up control.

And Blogger won't violate anonymity. If the owner publishes the blog without a contact point, Blogger will not violate the right to privacy.


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