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Do You Have A Problem Or Suggestion? Tell Blogger!

Every day, we see a complaint, problem report, or suggestion about making Blogger better, in Blogger Help Forum: Get Help with an Issue.

If you want direct communication (one way) with the Blogger Developers, Blogger Support has suggested that we use "Report a problem".

The "Report a problem" button, in the lower right corner of every Blogger dashboard page, is a link to Google Feedback.

Look in the lower right corner of a dashboard display.

"Report a problem" - not hard to spot!

You'll also find the link, in the upper right corner of many dashboard pages.

Find the "gear" icon, in the upper right of many pages.

Click on the gear icon.

There is "Report a problem".

Google Feedback offers you the chance to:
  • Describe your problem, in text.
  • Show your problem, highlighted.
  • Conceal any embarrassing details.

The form has one limitation - and some may want to note this. It provides no memento or receipt, telling you what you just submitted. Those of us with OCD might want to compose the text of the complaint / suggestion in a Google Drive document - then copy and paste into the form.

That should make for easier composing too - the tiny text box (so typical of all Blogger / Google services) is not easy to use for comprehensive, thoughtful messages. It's intended as a spur of the moment quick suggestion, I'm sure.

That said, Google Feedback is easier to use than GPF, for composing and sending a visual copy of the screen. If you can get the screen to display exactly what you're reporting, with Google Feedback active.

And you get a chance to highlight what you want to be seen - and to black out what you don't want to be seen. So if you have an embarrassing email address or personal detail, no worries, just be sure to use the "Black out" option, liberally.

Start by describing the problem.

Then, look at the screen.

Highlight what you want seen, black out what you don't want seen.

And review your report. Edit, if necessary.

And if you compose the text in Google Drive, you'll have a time stamped record of what you submitted. Who knows what you could do, later, with details like that?

So, let the Developers know what you think!


Lori E said…
I just used this the other day and had a great experience with my issue being solved quickly. Thumbs up.
Unable to go to Blogger Dashboard, Please
Tried many ways and times, since yesterday
With Regards
Mary Lynne said…
1. How did you get your "post a comment"? My blog automatically uses "0 comments" (or a number if there have been comments). Yours is much more visible and informative for anyone wishing to post a comment.

2. Actually, how did you do your entire set-up for comments? There must be somewhere where you inserted some of your own language. It's very nice and much better than what is provided by Blogger. I've been to settings/comments and don't see anywhere to make any changes to format/text, etc.

Thanks! (oh and my blog is You don't have to publish this comment but if you have any advice you can give me, I'd appreciate it.
Nitecruzr said…
Hi Mary Lynne,

Thanks for the questions.

It's been a while - so I have to dig through my notes, a bit. Blogger provides "Configure Blog Posts", for the simplest setting changes.

If you want to change anything more than "Configure Blog Posts", you have to get comfortable with Template Editor.

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