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Make Your Own "About Me" / "About Us" Gadget

One of the easiest improvements, in a Blogger blog, is customising the "About Me" / "About Us" ("Contributors" / "Profile") gadget.

The default gadget gets its content from the Blogger profile - and is edited, using the Blogger Profile Editor. With a team blog, the gadget changes to a list of team members - and this cannot be edited.

But given 15 minutes, and some imagination, you can make your own Profile gadget.

The Profile gadget can be easily replaced by an HTML / Text gadget, with content of your own choosing.

Start with an HTML gadget, and contents of the current gadget, edited.

Just add a standard HTML / Text gadget to the sidebar, and fill it with content about you, or the team. For a simple start, just copy the current content of your Blogger or Google+ profile - or the current team roster, with links to individual profiles.

Having created an initial Profile gadget, spend some time and edit what you have. Whatever option you found lacking yesterday, in the default gadget, is now available to you.

Or compose an HTML gadget, using page editor, and Compose mode.

You can use the "HTML" Mode to enter simple HTML and text, or the Rich Text editor. If you really want to go for it, use page editor.

  1. Compose your profile using the page editor, in Compose mode.
  2. Toggle into page editor HTML mode.
  3. Copy the contents in HTML.
  4. Return to the gadget editor, in HTML mode, and paste.

Or even publish your profile, as a static page.

Besides adding a sidebar gadget, you can always write "About Me" / "About Us" as a new static page - and link to the page from your new gadget. There's much more room for imagination, in a full page display.

Just be aware, when you edit an "HTML" / "Text" gadget.

Just use caution when creating and editing an "HTML / JavaScript / Text" gadget.

HTML / Text gadgets are not the only possible solution.

If you want, you can produce profile content using any combination of gadgets. Google+ Badge, Image, and LinkList gadgets can all provide parts of a "Profile" section in the sidebar - if that's what you think can provide a description of who you are, and what you do. What matters here is what describes you, to your readers.

Other than the two cautions, the limits are probably in your imagination.


Sandra Rose said…
This is exactly the help I was looking for, thank you! I have yet to attempt it, but now I have a path to follow. Much appreciated!
Andre Toups said…
This sounds like exactly like what I want, but is beyond my ability level. I'll see if I can find some help to make this happen. Thanks for letting me know the Team approach is possible. Beth

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