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The New GUI Is Here

Several people are reporting seeing the New Blogger GUI in their dashboard - even when they did not intentionally upgrade. Possibly, this was forced by the necessary Custom Domain Authentication Feature, which is now operational - on the New GUI only.

I am expecting my Blogger account to change, soon. Let's see if I get a "Your blog post published successfully!" display. So far, I am in Virginia - though I am thinking of a procedural workaround for that shortcoming. I realise that everybody won't have a workaround for their dislikes - though we have to be contemplative, and accept the changes.

If you wish to make your feelings known, please post in the latest Problem Rollup: V4 I do not like the New Blogger Interface because ...

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Ms. A said…
I hit refresh after reading and they had foisted it on me, yet again, with no options to change back. I don't see much point in complaining, I'm too small to matter. It would be darn nice if I could manage my reading list, though. Haven't been able to do that since the middle of last year and still can't do it on the new GUI. said…
Why did Google stop selling urls when we created a new Blog??? It was so easy!!! I'm feeling like I'm going to have to become an Internet Guru to get a custom domain... I could set one up in about 75 seconds before... Great site here by the way... Bob
Chuck Croll said…

I've asked Blogger Support, in several places, why "Buy a domain ..." is not an option now.

My bet is that they brought custom domains back up, in "advanced mode", purely to resolve the immediate problems. I'm hoping that they will add "Buy a domain ..." back, as soon as possible.

It's all programming - and "Buy a domain" is a lot more programming.
Yvonne said…
I don't like it! Where is the Dashboard? How do I change the Design?
kenju said…
The old one was clear and the divisions made it so. I hate the new one and it is hard to explain why.
Mammal said…
I can't access my dashboard or make new posts with the new, and now only, interface.
Will this be fixed eventually?
Deanna said…
Since the new interface came, I cannot make new posts or edit posts. I click the orange pencil to make a new post and all I get is a blank page.
Anyone else having this problem? How can I fix it!
Alice V said…
They've hidden the command buttons again. Do we have to have a secret code to use the dratted thing? Still can't find how to upload a picture. Where's my dashboard? All that white space and a teeny, tiny spot for composing. ARRRGGGHHH
i just want to do something on the old blogger interface and return to the new one and i can't even do that now........
Mary McGagh said…
Can I retrieve the old interface? I did not choose this new format.
Chuck Croll said…
No, Mary - the old interface is gone.
c. said…
PS: I see no support online for the claim that some users "love" the new interface. At most, maybe .001% say it's not so bad or that they see some slight advantage, usually without specifying what that is.

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