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A Hint Will Not Always Recover Your Access To Your Blogger Account

Some Blogger blog owners, trying to regain access to their blogs after a long absence, attribute their problem to over indulgent security measures.
I have too many email accounts, and no way can I remember all of them!
and maybe even
I have too many GMail accounts, and no way can I remember all of them!
Our suggestion will be, that they should carefully check all email (GMail) accounts. Their next request seems like a final solution.
Can Blogger just give me a hint, so I can remember which account I need to check?
Here they are asking for a last ditch effort, which is not guaranteed to bring success.

There are several reasons why requesting a hint - just a few characters of the email (GMail) account address - is not guaranteed to produce beneficial results.
  • The hint request may be made by either a would be hijacker - or the possible later victim of a hijacker. The hint request invites focused brute force password guessing, which involves
    • Increased load on Google network resources.
    • Later problem reports about another stolen Blogger account / blog.
  • A hint will not be given immediately. Blogger Support has several long queues of essential tasks. Helping somebody regain access to their Blogger account, after the would be owner has rejected the offered several automated tools, is not going to be at the top of anybody's task queue.
  • A hint may not provide the right clue. Blogger Support will provide a limited number of characters in any hint - and cannot guarantee that the characters provided will be meaningful to the would be blog owner (or possibly, would be blog hijacker).
  • Only one hint can be provided. Blogger Support won't provide an online game of "Hangman", by providing a new hint, until you guess your account name. One hint, only!
With all of these details in mind, and if at all possible, please do everybody a favour and make some effort to remember your account name and password. Don't count on Blogger to tell you your account name. Try the improved Google account recovery wizard, and check every email account which you may have possibly used, before asking for special attention.

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TCL said…
I really need the hint, so how do I get it? I have several different emails and may have made a new email for my blog but my password is pretty consistent. So if i get a hint on the email attached to my blog I will be able to log in with the correct password by permutation. But how do I get a hint?

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