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Your Blog Is Forever - But Requires Your Effort

Some blog owners misunderstand the apocryphal promise from Blogger to us
Blogger accounts and Blog*Spot addresses do not expire.
From the tone of some questions in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken, some blog owners seem to think that Blogger promises us unending service, without requiring any effort on our part.

We need to think of Blogger blogging as a partnership, between Blogger and us. Blogger is a business - and some principles of business apply to how they treat us.

In our constant stream of demand for features and service, as owners and readers of Blogger blogs, we need to remember that Blogger (and Google) are a business. Various principles of business will occasionally apply, in their policies. These policies may not, necessarily, be responsive to our immediate and personal needs - though they may support the overall needs of Blogger, in general.
  • Due diligence. Some Blogger policies may be necessary to support the Blogger customer community, in general.
  • Due process of law. Some Blogger policies may be necessary to support the rights of other individual Blogger customers.
  • Return on investment. Some Blogger policies may be necessary to support Blogger as a business.
  • Personal Responsibility. Some Blogger policies may be necessary to allow us to maintain our Blogger blogs, and personal computers, to support our personal needs.

Due diligence. Blogger may make some decisions in order to protect themselves, and their customers, in general. Blogger may refuse to disclose personal information about us, if we cannot prove our identity. Even if we cannot accept, or understand this policy, Blogger may maintain this policy to better support the Blogger community, in general.

Due process of law. Blogger may refuse to respond to our personal demands, to protect the rights of other Blogger blog owners. They may not delete blogs which we don't own, purely because we complain that the content of some blogs may say bad things about us.

Return on investment. Blogger may refuse to support us, when we have not made any similar effort to assist them to support us. If we require service, that requires much effort from them, and provides no benefit to the Blogger owner community in general, we may not get support immediately - or at all.

If we ignore our Blogger accounts and blogs, for many years, our accounts and blogs will be there waiting for us. Our access to our accounts and blogs may be restricted, however - and Blogger Support may not fulfill our personal needs.

If we ignore their warnings about coming changes, we may not be supported after such changes are finally implemented.

Personal Responsibility. Blogger cannot support our blogs, and our use of our personally owned computers, when our personal decisions compete with their policies. Our use of different browsers, varying local security policies, and of different non Blogger products in our blogs, require us to take personal responsibility.

As owners and readers of Blogger blogs, as of similar Internet services, we have to take ownership of our personal decisions, similar to many Blogger policies. We cannot demand more of Blogger, than we do of ourselves.
Your Blog Is Forever - But Access To, And Support Of, Your Blog, Requires Your Effort
Your Blog Is Forever - But Requires Your Effort


Kevin Routh said…
Great info and nicely written (as usual).
Thanks Chuck!
Nice read, thx!

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