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Incorrect Orientation Of Photos Uploaded In Post Editor

We see occasional reports of problems with photo orientation, from various blog owners posting in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken.
Why are my photos displayed horizontal, when they should be vertical?
Presumably, if someone's photo was taken with her standing, the blog owner does not want the photo showing her lying on her side.

Modern cameras store meta data with each photo, recording information about how the photo was taken.

This information is called "Exchangeable Image File format", or EXIF, data. Along with the information about date / time / exposure ("aperture" / "F stop" / "shutter speed"), some cameras store whether the photo was taken, with the camera held horizontal or vertical.

Some cameras store the "horizontal" / "vertical" information - then, the Blogger post editor "Upload image" wizard picks up on the orientation, and re orients the photo, depending upon it having been taken "horizontal" or "vertical". If the photo was intentionally rotated, the blog owner does not want the photo rotated again.

There are several possible resolutions for this problem.
  • Use a different camera. Some cameras do not contribute to this problem.
  • Per the comment below, see if the camera has a setting to disable autorotation.
  • Use a photo editor such as IrfanView, and strip out the EXIF data, before uploading. Without the EXIF data, the "Add image" wizard won't reorient the photos.
  • Use a photo editor such as IrfanView, and rotate the photo again, before uploading.
  • Log in to, using your Blogger username and password. Find the album, then the picture, that is rotated and open it. Edit the picture - rotate the image, then save it.


Katney said…
Chuck, in some cameras--notably Canon, but possibly others--there is an "autorotate" function in the camera menu. If this feature is disabled, the conflict in orientation in blogger does not happen.
^ thank you, I will try that!

I also re-saved the pics as png instead of jpeg and that worked...
cyphi1 said…
that fixed my problem thanks Lipgloss and Razorblades!!
THANK YOU! Fixed my problem and I learned a thing or two!

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