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Click On The "B"

The Blogger navbar always bothered me, because of its lack of one key link. When you're logged in, it has "New Post" and "Design" (previously "Customize") links - and that's OK. When you're not logged in, it has a "Dashboard" link - and that's OK. But when you're logged in, there is no "Dashboard" link - and that's not OK.

Even though there is no "Dashboard" link, there is a link to the dashboard. Try it, and see. Click on the Orange / White (or Blue / White for Draft Blogger) "B" at the far left of most Blogger displays, and there you'll see - your dashboard. The "B" is simply a logo, that links to "Blogger.Com".
  • If you're not logged in, you get to login.
  • If you are logged in, and your default dashboard is Draft (Blue) Blogger, you see a White on Blue "B" logo. Click on the logo, and you get the Draft dashboard.
  • If you are logged in, and your default dashboard is Production Blogger, you see a White on Orange "B" logo. Click on the logo, and you get the Production dashboard.

It's that simple - though I'm not sure that everybody knows it yet. Yet as simple as it should be, it is not available for one new product - the Template Designer.

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Kiwi-d said…
All these years...I cannot believe I didn't know this.
Thanks Nitecruzr.
ジョン said…
Thanks. I've always had that problem. I wish they made it more obvious.
that's so cool! I never knew that! This will save me some time..... LOL Thanks for the tip!
ramaraobobby said…
you observe stuff related to blogger & blogging quite well... I know it before but anyways that's a cool tip to share...
BBB said…
Thank you!!! Never knew it either!
Thanks! I have been wondering what the problem was since I first became a blogger! Why don't they tell you this somewhere?
Marnie Orr said…
My dashboard does not offer 'Layout' only 'Design' for all my blogger sites. Am I missing out on some windows for editing code? Because I can't find some code.
Nitecruzr said…
My dashboard does not offer 'Layout' only 'Design' for all my blogger sites. Am I missing out on some windows for editing code?

No, you are not missing out. "Design" has replaced "Layout".
Unknown said…
Than you for this tip - good stuff!

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