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FTP Publishing - August 2009

This week, we are seeing the return of the well known FTP Publishing symptom
Publishing your blog is taking longer than expected. To continue waiting for it to finish, click here.

There are several threads in Blogger Help Forum, reporting this problem with various amounts of detail.

If you are suffering from this problem, please provide details of your experience, to help Blogger Support get a start diagnosing the problem.
  • The blog BlogSpot URL (if applicable).
  • The blog domain URL.
  • The name of the server hosting company, or URL of the host server.
  • The Blogger FTP server setting value.
as part of your problem report. If you're able, work with the server support staff, and examine the server activity and firewall logs, and see what is seen from the server perspective too.

(Update 8/4 6:30): One blogger has found a possible workaround by adjusting the value of the "FTP Path" setting, relative to the "Blog URL" setting.
With the trailing slash in the Blog URL an FTP Path in the format web/html/www/ would work.

Without the trailing slash in the Blog URL the FTP Path needed to be in the format www/ to work!

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Healthy Life said…
but can you give me the email id to whom i should send the details so that my issue get solves one and for all
Nitecruzr said…
No, I cannot provide an email id to whom you should send the details, because, and I will repeat this yet again, FTP Publishing problems are not the fault of only Blogger. FTP Publishing problems are the result of compromises by Blogger, due to the necessity of supporting connections with hundreds of different remote servers.

Every day, new remote servers come online, and others go offline, and Blogger has to constantly tweak their code. And sometimes, stuff stops working because of what Blogger does, other times, it's because of what we do, or what the remote host support staff does (and there are hundreds of remote hosts, each with different policies).

So no, there is no email id to whom you should send the details.

Post them in Blogger Help Forum, and be patient.
Bobby John said…
I was having the same problem and was looking around for a fix for a while. For me, I noticed the permissions on my files (blog.html, individual blog posts, and archive posts) had permission set to read only (444). I added permission to write on the file (644) and it worked fine. Hope it helps someone.

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