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Post Editor Problems, In The Singapore Region, Continue

Nearly a month after the problem was first reported, we are still getting reports of the improperly loading post editor sessions from bloggers in Singapore.

This problem, apparently being related to your Internet service, can't be seen by Blogger, or by anybody but you (and your neighbours). If you don't report your problem, don't expect for it to go away. And possibly, you should be reporting the problem to your ISP too. And please, when reporting the problem at this end (either in Blogger Help Forum, or comments here), state explicitly whether you are in Singapore or the vicinity, and whether your ISP is SingNet.

If there is no tab pair for "Compose" / "Edit HTML", check to ensure that Compose mode is enabled for your account.

(Update 2009/09/05): It appears that this problem is still with us.

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Sally said…
Hi Nitecruzr. I am from Singapore and I do have problems as well with the blogger editing section not loading well. I thought that it the right layout, until a friend (from Singapore as well) pointed out that his blogger looks different.

And, I can never add a gadget via a third party html because i can't click save, it says javascript: void (0). Is this a common problem?

Your advice appreciated. :-)
Nitecruzr said…

The "Void(0)" display is a symptom, not the problem.

The problem is communications, which cause the web page content to be corrupt. Blogger Support is supposedly trying to "reach out" to SingNet, but it wouldn't hurt if you would do the same, directly. You pay them for service, and you are the party with the problem.

Blogger Support acts as an interested third party. SingNet has to fix the problem, and you need to convince them to fix the problem.
Sally said…
Hi Chuck,

thanks for your response. I tried inputting your proxy advice earlier and cleared my cache and it works fine now. Thanks again! your tips are superb
laME boy said…
I think i have the same problem; and i'm using singnet too. It's getting kinda frustrating to not post anything but words to my blog. It worked fine just now in the afternoon, but as i came back, it got screwed up again.

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