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With Following, Bloggers Follow Blogs Relevant To Their Interests

This blog is The Real Blogger Status, and it focuses on Blogger blogging. Look at the Following community for this blog, and you'll see all sorts of bloggers, with all sorts of interests - stated explicitly and implicitly. Looking now, I see (for instance) gardening, greeting cards, and rap music. And, I see a few Followers who are Following other blogs about blogging.

The vast majority of the bloggers who Follow this blog do so because they are interested in developing and maintaining their Blogger blogs, and this blog - hopefully - provides them insight. Occasionally, someone interested in Blogger blogging- and Following a blog that's published by someone else who's Following my blog - will surf the Following community of that blog, happen upon this blog, and decide to Follow this blog. Generally, that will be because the new Follower is also interested in Blogger blogging.

In other words, I will gain a Follower who's interested in Blogger blogging, because this blog is also focused on Blogger blogging.

And, it's likely that other Followers will Follow this blog, because of their interest in Blogger blogging. So, it makes sense for me to advertise this blog in places where people interested in Blogger blogging congregate.

I have other blogs, focused on other subjects - cooking, miscellaneous jokes and pranks, and Windows Networking, to name a few - and various Followers to those blogs too. Most Followers to those blogs will have common interests - the Followers to my cooking blog will be interested in cooking. Relatively few who are interested in my cooking will be also interested in gardening, or in rap music.

To get Followers who bring more Followers, because of a common interest in the readership of our various blogs, I need to advertise my blog where it's content is relevant. Not where my need - simply getting more Followers - is relevant.

Were I to be desperate for Followers to my cooking blog, I might go into a forum about Blogger blogging, look for a discussion where everybody says
I'll Follow your blog, if you'll Follow mine.
and add the URL of my blog to the list of hopeful bloggers. And I might gain a few Followers, from those bloggers. Unfortunately, those Followers, who publish blogs of varying interests, will have readers of varying interests. People Following a blog about rap music, and surfing the Following community for that blog, will be less likely to also Follow my blog about my cooking, because they aren't necessarily interested in my cooking.

I will, I suspect, be more likely to get Followers from folks who are interested in cooking, and who Follow other blogs about cooking and happen upon my blog.

And, once again, relevance brings readers.

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Susan said…
I think bloggers follow here because you are almost the only way to get clear, understandable information about Blogger. Blogger should pay you (I assume they don't) because you are their translator. I picture Blogger as deaf. Very nice, very capable, but deaf. You can tell us what they would say to us IF they could hear us. And it works, actually.
@eloh said…
I haven't been blogging very long. I got lucky with the first blog I started reading, and her archives before I actually started writing.

She had about 55 followers. Not too far down the road she mentioned my blog and told her readers it was "mandatory reading".

I don't have anything on my blog that counts hits except my profile views...which took almost 900 hits in the next couple days.

These five months later, she has about 65 followers...but...she gets comments like the blogs with 1000 followers. She definitely, knows how to write.

It leaves me with the mystery, loyal readers who do not openly follow. I still don't understand it.

If I could figure out how to change something about blogging it would be the comments section. How to lure the lurkers into commenting and oh how I wish people would use it as a discussion forum.

By the way, the blog I was speaking of is called Whoopee.
I am just getting startted now. How do I tell friends and family where to find by blogg.
Nitecruzr said…
OK, Oak St,

You give your friends and family the URL. You can find the URL in a number of places - the browser address window, the dashboard link, and the link in the "post published" display, to start.
Thanks for the information.
Anonymous said…
ugh... I'm kinda new at this turd so yeah. Your post helped me a bit and understand blogging more.
Michelle Hughes said…
Hey there well you have one new follower who actually loves vampires and cooking LOL hope that counts for something! Have a great one!

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