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Please, Blogger, Restore My Deleted Blog

Every week, we see the anxious query in the forum
I have been trying for about 2 weeks to get a hold of someone about my accidentally deleted blog. I have filled out the contact form numerous times, and have gotten no response. Is there anyone who can help?
This question comes from someone who hasn't bothered to read the (not at all) fine print in the "Delete This Blog" wizard, currently accessed from Settings - Basic - Blog Tools.
This will permanently delete your blog including all posts. You can create another blog at this address using the Google Account you're currently logged in with, however, we can't restore your blog posts once you choose to delete your blog.
That warning seems pretty explicit to me.
You can create another blog at this address using the Google Account you're currently logged in with, however, we can't restore your blog posts.

What more should be said? You delete it, it's gone. Maybe Blogger Support will relent, if you fill out a Contact Us form, and are very patient. I wouldn't be emailing my friends, just yet, to tell them that you're back online.

Start from Settings - Basic.

Before deleting the blog, Export It, to local storage.

If the blog in question was deleted because you deleted the account that owned it, you'll have to start by getting that account restored. Once the account that owned the blog is restored, you can recreate the blog from that account.

(Update 2009/03/27): This situation is now significantly improved.

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Holly said…
I take offense at the tone of your email as though I were an idiot. I was the one who posted the above help message.
I DID clearly read the message, but before I could go back and verify which blog it was that I intended to delete (I WAS trying to delete one) my 1 year old daughter, who did not read the message, reached up and banged on the keyboard, and ultimately the wrong blog was deleted.
Accidents happen. There has got to be a way to fix them.
I found a thread on the forum where someone said that their posts were restored after 6 days. If I hadn't seen that I would not have been so persistent in my asking for help.
I will continue to do so, but I see that it is not to be found here.
Chuck said…

You're entitled to take offense, if you wish. I'm trying to present Blogger's possible side to the situation. They gave us the Export / Import wizard, and they stated quite clearly their policy
You can create another blog at this address using the Google Account you're currently logged in with, however, we can't restore your blog posts..

Maybe you can get Blogger Support to spend time restoring your blog. Given the warning, I'd suspect that it won't be with any expedience, and providing other bloggers the suggestion that a restore would be provided simply because your child deleted the blog is irresponsible, at best.

You're entitled to your offense. This is mine.
Holly said…
I apologize for reacting emotionally. This has been an upsetting situation for me. As far as the comment about my daughter, I was only speaking the truth of the situation. It is easy for mistakes and distractions to happen with a baby on one's lap, but I understand that the fault does lie with me and I accept that.
I also understand that emotional appeals may not change anything, but the truth is that this having this blog pretty much saved my sanity during a difficult time of my life.
All I was looking for was that hope was possible that it might be restored.

I thank you for your posts on this issue in general and in the future will warn others about the importance of having backup. (And keeping the baby away from the computer.)
Dear, Blogger Administrator, my name Arip Nurahman, form Indonesia. my blog:

was delet by me, but how i can activate again this blog thanks, so much i hope you can help me because this blog very importan for me .

once again thanks so much.

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