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Custom Domain Publishing, And Google Apps - February, 2009

For our latest episode in the ongoing saga of domains purchased through Blogger / Google, with DNS setup by Google Apps, we now (possibly) have parked domains setup by Google Apps. This (excerpted) Dig log looks like it shows a simple case of the domain not being properly setup. 3593 IN A 3600 IN CNAME ( -, Inc.

The blogger reporting a problem states
I tried publishing back on blogger and then back to my custom domain but no change.
which, to me, suggests that our old friend
Another blog is already hosted at this address
may not be part of this scenario. Typically when "Another blog is already hosted at this address." is seen, it's when trying to re publish to the custom domain address.

The problem of domains redirecting to a parking server, owned and operated by the registrar, has been with us for a while. Generally we see it when a blogger, who has yet to learn of the special needs of custom domains, buys a domain from a registrar, starts right into "Advanced Settings", and tries to publish the blog to the domain. Here we generally see
Another blog is already hosted at this address
because the domain DNS does not yet point to Google.

With this case, we see no such error. Just a non accessible blog, and another old friend
Server Not Found

Error 404

And, the blogger further claims
Bought it right on Blogger, through Google.
which implies, to me, a DNS setup by Google Apps. The wording of that statement makes me think of a blogger who doesn't know of the difference between DNA and DNS. It's certainly not from a blogger who would covertly edit the standard Asymmetrical setup, into the broken setup above.

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Chrissie said…
Hi there,
I'm having the same problem with my newly purchased custom domain. I'm trying to transition to (away from
Now I can't access my blog at all! My readers are emailing me frustrated and confused.
I'm even more frustrated and confused. This has been happening for over three days.
Help, help, help!!!
Thank you.
pawlu said…
I have two other problems since switching to custom domains. The first is that there is no link between my 'old' blog: to my new one In the box in setting where you have the option of re-directing, the 'from' option is set as

My second issue is that my ads aren't showing on the new domains. This isn't simply on my PC but from anywhere: indeed earnings have plunged to 0.

Have done a search I've found that a number of people have this problem but I haven't found one real solutions.

Any help on these? Please?
boz said…
My blog just went down over the past day. I've been redirecting to for several months successfully.

I'll make whatever DNS, etc. changes necessary in order to fix it (and thanks for putting all this info online), but I still want to know what the hell changed in the past 24 hours that caused this problem to start. Like the commenter above, I'm getting reader e-mails complaining and questioning.
Chuck said…

Have you posted yet in GBH: Something Is Broken, or in Nitecruzr Dot Net - Blogging? If so, and I missed the post, my apologies. The online forums are much easier to use, then Blogger Blog Commenting, for interactive problem solving.

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