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The Content Of Our Blogs Is Our Responsibility

Blogger provides an interface, and utilities, for us to create web sites using Blogger One Button Publishing.

Short of ensuring that what we publish isn't illegal or other wise violates Terms Of Service, Blogger doesn't care about what we publish. What we publish is our business. And that includes maintaining our access to our blogs, and of keeping track of what we publish.

Daily, we see the complaints
I deleted my post, by mistake. Can Blogger restore it for me?
My sidebar is at the bottom of the page. Blogger, fix this.
I don't know what's wrong, it just stopped working. It looks fine in Firefox, but you can't see anything using Internet Explorer.
and these are all problems with blog content.

If your blog is subject to a Content Warning, it's possible that this is a recent problem that involve Blogger changes. Other than the interstitial which has been causing problems recently, problems which involve blog content are our responsibility.

If the content in our blogs is a problem with Blogger, we may need to ensure that the content does not violate the stated standards.We may request that Blogger provide us details of any offensive content - but until any detail is provided to us, we should work, on our own, to keep offensive content out of our blogs.

Deletion of blog posts, dropped sidebars, and template corruption are all problems which we cause - and they are problems which we must resolve.

If you've just deleted a post, you know what you did, and there's nothing to do but re create it (though with a different URL - unless you can find a cached copy). A post / sidebar alignment problem, or similar post / template corruption won't be so easily resolved. That's going to require interesting diagnostic work. Is the problem in the template, or is it in one (or more) posts?
  1. Backup your template (if you haven't done so already).
  2. Reload your template, from the standard version in the Layout - Pick New Template GUI. Republish. If the problem goes away, skip the rest of what's below, and work on the template.
  3. If the problem doesn't go away with a new template, keep the standard template and dig deeper. Go into the main page view of your blog, with the problem showing. This verifies that the problem is active.
  4. Select each individual post, one at a time, from the Archive or Previous Posts list. When the problem is seen in single post view, that post is a problem. Go to post edit for the post now visible, and it Save as Draft.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until the problem is not active.
  6. Work on the posts that you Saved as Draft. Once all of the posts can be viewed properly, restore the template from the backup, created above.
The bottom line here is that, whatever gets done to your blog, to correct a mistake that you made, is going to be your responsibility to get done. No amount of posting in Blogger Help Forum: How Do I?
I need a contact number for Blogger, not more runaround here!
is going to accomplish anything.


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