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Make Links Open In A New Window

If you design your blogs, as I do, with lots of links to other blogs and web sites, you probably like to make the links to the other blogs and web sites open in a new browser tab or window (depending upon reader preference). That helps with reader retention (for you), and increases convenience (for your readers).

Unfortunately, in too many of the Blogger GUIs, there's no selection for "Make links open in new window". If you want all links in your blog to open in a new window, you can do this with a simple template change (but do this with discretion). If you want specific links to open in a new window, you may have to code each link individually.

Here's a link to this post.
Make Links Open In A New Window

<a href="">Make Links Open In A New Window</a>

the coding change isn't complicated
Make Links Open In A New Window

<a href="" target="_blank">Make Links Open In A New Window</a>

Alternately, if you are creating / editing in Compose mode, when you add or edit a link, simply select the option
Open this link in a new window.
in the "Add link " wizard - when the choice is given to you.

The Archives, Labels, and Linklist gadgets would be more useful, if this option was available - but it's not. You'll have to compose a gadget using an HTML gadget - and add " target="_blank"" to each link, one link at a time.


Michele said…
Thank You....I will try this out. I was trying to figure out how to this!
Alain-Christian said…
You could at least have given me credit for the idea of asking people to use the wishlist.
Chuck said…

Ever moderate comments, in a hurry?

Once you hit the "Reject" link, even in mistake, there's no way to get a comment posted.

Post your comment again, and I'll try. But post it under a relevant post, not "Leave Comments Here", please. LCH is a catch all, and is a crappy place for specific comments.
Anonymous said…
This is a nice blog...and I am so happy to get here! Initially, I was only looking for a way to let link in my sidebar open in a new window bec those are links to site I read/visit...and the layout of Blogger does not let me do it...bec all it allows me to do it enter the name and the link...I wouldn't mind doing the manual coding for specific links...yet this seems to work for me!

I will try to make a echo post...and will link you...there are more meaningful post here...and I heart this site already!

Thanks again!
B.Tech ebooks said…
thanks its working
Wenny said…
Hi there, how can I add this to embedded picasa photo album html to make it open in a new window?
Chuck said…

If the embedded album includes "<a href="whatever">", add the " target="_blank"" as specified above.

If the embedded album runs using JavaScript, you can't control it this way.
Darren said…
Perfect. Thanks!
Keez said…

so i understand how i can change this for each link, but how do i do it so that every link in my blog opens in a new page?

Chuck said…

If you want all links in your blog to open in a new window, you can do this with a simple template change (but do this with discretion).
Alain-Christian said…
That's a really, really, really bad idea. Your visitors are gonna hate you.
Cloudnein said…
Oh this is fantastic. I think one of the main reasons I am losing readers because my links navigate to another page rather than opening a new window. Love it, thankyou so much!!
skmania said…
ya nice help..its working ..great job...
Punts de vista said…
Attribute "TARGET" is not allowed in tag: A
Chuck said…

Would I lie to you?

Look above.

"the coding change isn't complicated

Make Links Open In A New Window"

click on "Make Links Open In A New Window", and see.
Anonymous said…
This was very useful, tested and works on my own blogger. Thank you.
Katie said…
Is there a way to put the HTML in the post template?
Chuck said…
Is there a way to put the HTML in the post template?

Yes. When you customise the "Home" / "Newer Posts" / "Older Posts" links, you do that.
Ali said…
This is very helpful, thanks. Is there a way to do the global change in the header so that all links open in a new page, AND TEHN individually make certain links NOT open in a new page? I have hundreds of links on my website to events, etc. that I would like to open to new pages, but the links within my blog (comparatively few) I would like not to open in a new window.
Sonya said…
Nice, thank you. That was easy.
You're brillant. Thank you. It work easily for me :-))
Anonymous said…
Worked like a charm! Thank you!
beckbecca said…
I understand how to open a new window for each link, but now my "Newer Post, Home and Older Post" are also opening a new window. How can I still open new links without those three?
Chuck Croll said…

Did you use the "all posts" new window tweak? If so, this is why. If you used the "all posts" tweak, then all links will do this - including "Newer Post, Home and Older Post".

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