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Is Your Blog Getting Hijacked Thru YOUR Computer?

I'd hate to be the guy who stood in a crowded theatre (concert hall) and yelled

so I'm sort of wondering if this advice is superfluous. But knowing computer security, it's all possible. All of the shite that I write about is very real.

And right now we're all smelling a lot of smoke.

Hijacking blogs is ONE practical use for malware.

Now, if there is a security weakness in Blogger that we don't know about it, that's up for Blogger Support to find and fix. And we have to pray that they do, and we have to feed them clues, when we have any, about what to look for. Which means, if we discover that our blog has been hijacked, we have to report the problem.

If there is a security weakness on our end, we need to know about that too. And fix the problem. Here are several possible problems.

Communication with other Bloggers is the best way to stop the hijackings. If they are our fault. But knowing what the hell is going on is the first step.


Okok said…
Cool post ;-)

Let's hope it stops a few (dozen? hundred?:-P) blogs getting stolen...
Melo said…
Hey thanks, I came here from your post in the Blogger group. I will double check some of these things.

But...for an experienced user like me who knows to log off and erase cookies and history, is it still not safe to go on a public computer like the library?
Not that I do it, but I wanna know this.

Do you mean anyone or just noob users?
Nitecruzr said…

I monitor a few security issues forums, and some of the exploits discussed in there would make YOUR hair (YOUR hair, not mine haha) stand on end.

Most libraries and kiosks are becoming increasingly aware of these issues too.

Using common sense, and anyone should be safe. You just have to know the exposure, and plan ways to mitigate the exposure.
Melo said…
LOL re. the hair.

Well, that's it. I won't use any passwords ever again in any public computer. I don't really have to and all the times I've done was just for convenience. I prefer to be safe. Thanks for the advice, Chuck!

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