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Blogger Magic - FeedBurner Email For Your Blog

Some people who will enjoy your blog may prefer to follow it using their email.

It's not difficult to setup email delivery of the comments or posts - from various source selections. FeedBurner offers a wide assortment of delivery options, for the many sources.

Blogger offers the "Subscribe by Email" gadget and service, which delivers the posts newsfeed. That's one feed possibility - and you can have many more, with very little work.

Using the many options provided by FeedBurner, combined with the many feed possibilities, you can produce a generous set of email subscription options.

  1. Setup a FeedBurner feed.
  2. Activate the "Subscribe by Email" service, for the feed.
  3. Add a FeedBurner form, to the blog.
  4. Setup the Post Feed Redirect, to connect the blog and the FeedBurner feed.

Setup a FeedBurner feed.

To add a standard blog posts subscription, add a "Subscribe by Email" gadget (for blogs with non dynamic Blogger templates) - or a "Subscription Links" gadget (for all blogs, including those with dynamic templates).

The standard blog posts subscription is not the only possibility. You can setup a FeedBurner feed for any blog published feed - including various label based feeds.

Blogger now publishes a pages feed, which complements the posts feed. And FeedBurner will distribute the pages feed, as it does the posts feed.

Start with the URL of any blog native feed.

Give the feed an Address and a Title.

The feed is setup. Proceed to the dashboard, to Activate the feed.

Activate the "Subscribe by Email" service, for the feed.

Activate "Email Subscriptions", for the FeedBurner feed that you setup.

From the FeedBurner dashboard Publicize - "Email Subscriptions" - "Subscription Management" page, Activate the "Email Subscriptions" service, for the feed.

The service is active - now check out other options.

With the "Email Subscriptions" service activated, look at the various formatting and distribution options available.

Add a FeedBurner form, to the blog.

You can use the form provided with "Subscribe by Email", if you are setting up the standard blog posts feed. For any other feed, you can use either form provided on the "Subscription Management" page, installed as an HTML / JavaScript gadget.

Using the "Subscription Link Code", you can add a fixed location ("floating") subscription icon.

Setup the Post Feed Redirect, to connect the blog and the FeedBurner feed.

FeedBurner "Edit Feed Details" is used to link the FeedBurner feed, to the blog. Similarly, you use the Blogger "Post Feed Redirect" to link the blog to the FeedBurner redirected feed.

Just use your imagination.

FeedBurner presents you with endless choices, for letting your readers enjoy your blog from their Email inboxes. Think about what will look good on your blog - and what will interest your readers.

Not all #Blogger blog owners know how easy it is to use #FeedBurner email delivery, to provide your readers the option to view your blog - in many content options - using their email inboxes.


ed lorens said…
I am trying to address the problems with my visibility. I think that nice subscription box that works would be nice. I am looking for pop out or floating that would be simple, elegant and super easy for somebody to use. I would like to have one static on the top of the blog also. I think I got none. My friend can not subscribe to me. Also, that button should be mobile, responsive and clearly visible. The other thing is I would like to have a box that I can directly modify in layout and add free gift offer page for an incentive. I am looking for easy installation of two different subscription boxes. I am confused by all those feeds. Atom,Yahoo etc. If is confusing for me it is confusing to others.
Anonymous said…
This is not work for me for some reason. It looked pretty simple but it directs me to the default feed.

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