Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Combining Feeds And Labels, To Get Feeds From Labels

I've written about the feeds from your blog, and I've written about labels in your blog.

Both features are very useful, in organising content from your blog. And we can combine the two, to publish targeted blog content, using a feed based upon a label.

This blog is

You could look at my posts about Blog Feeds, using

Or, you could subscribe to a feed about Blog Feeds, using

Note the syntax elements, for addressing a label feed, are very very precise.
  • "" is the blog.
  • "feeds/posts/default/-/" is the essential labels feed syntax.
  • "Blog%20Feed" is the feed "Blog Feed".

Note that label feed URLs are case sensitive. Compare both links, below.

A labels feed is one more possibility in combining your blog with a second blog, or with a web site - or, possibly, a subset of the blog.

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Steph S. said...

THANK YOU!!!! exactly what i needed

Cik Seri Darling said...

yeahh!! why didnt i ever think of it?? thank youuuuuuu