Thursday, February 26, 2009

Publicising Updates To Your Blog, Using FeedBurner Email

To further answer the regularly asked question "How do I let my friends know when my blog is updated?", we have FeedBurner, which will provide a neat subscription form for your blog, and helps you maintain your subscription list, for any publicly accessible blog which publishes a feed.

Once you setup a FeedBurner feed for your blog, go to "Publicize" - "Email Subscriptions" in FeedBurner.

You can have a form embedded in the blog page, or a you can have a link to a FeedBurner page where the form is hosted. The "Email Subscriptions" wizard will give you the code for either. Be sure to select "Blogger" in the "Use as a widget in" pulldown list.

Just install the subscription code in the blog. Copy the code from the appropriate window, into a new HTML / JavaScript gadget. Then, Hit "Save" to activate the subscription.

Once you have subscribers, you can maintain the subscriber population using "Email Subscriptions", from the FeedBurner dashboard for the feed, under the "Publicize" tab.

Using "View Subscriber Details", you can export the subscriber inventory to a spreadsheet, for detailed analysis - or examine the list directly, in the FeedBurner wizard. Again, your choice.

Using "Delivery Options", you can tune the delivery of the posts. Here, you can time the delivery to any 2-hour delivery window, to suit your reader population.

That's just 2 of the 4 "Email Subscriptions" options. Check out the entire wizard, when you wish.

The alternate solution for email subscription, which uses BlogSend and Google Groups, requires you to do the work of adding each subscriber to the list. With a FeedBurner Email Subscription service, your readers can add themselves, at their convenience.

You practically have a turnkey newsletter distribution system, right there at your fingertips. For the right price, too. All that you have to do is write the blog content.

Note that, with very little additional work, you can setup an email subscription for any blog or website, again using FeedBurner. And note the different feeds, published by your blog. You can make a FeedBurner feed from any blog feed, and email distribution can be used for any feed.

You may wish to read more graphic instructions from Roberto: Email Subscription to a Feedburner Feed.


Dave Johansen said...

The one advantage to BlogSend and Google Groups is that it works with private blogs, which isn't possible with Feedburner.

Gigi said...

I find your blog helpful, I lost all my followers when I tried to redesign the blog. I think it is the direct feed burner I am so confused on how to set it up. I am hoping to find some answers on your blog.

I am new so your help greatly appreciated. I am following you maybe you could me to?

Thanks Gigi

Chuck said...


My guess is that you changed the blog itself, and your Followers are attached to the old blog.

Want to discuss this in detail?

The Bishops School, Pune said...

People are informing its not delivering emails

Chuck said...


We really should explore this in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken, or in Nitecruzr Dot Net - Blogging. Peer support and interactive diagnosis is where you need to start!

CookieBee said...

I read your comment above and have 2 questions:
1) How do I "Set up Feedburner for my Blog"? I installed Feedburner by following the "click here to get Feedburner" but can't get anywhere from there.
2) After that, how do I find "Publicize" or "Email Subscriptions".
In your instructions can you be specific?

Zarla said...

Im very confused! I just want my followers to be able to see my new posts please....why is this so difficult for me to set up?

I am having problems with this, I have a disabling condition which makes it impossible to spend much time on the computer frazzling my brains!!!!!

Is it possible PLEASE that someone could help me/sort this for me?

Or alternatively give step by step instructions, as simply as possible.

Chuck said...


We'll try to help you, but you need to help us to help you - and ask your question in BHF: How Do I?, where we can have a good dialogue.

Jacki said...

Thank you so much for this info! You've saved me so much hassle. I'm sending you mental hugs!

Katie said...

Question 1: Does this mean (the Feedburner option) that my subscribers would get an email everytime I push the "publish" button? I am a perfectionist and sometimes I hit "publish" 10 times before it looks the way I want it to look - I keep going back to edit something. would the subscribers then get 10 emails?

Katie said...

Question 2: Wow, I totally do not get the date/time stamp below each person's comment/question. I thought the 8/7/10 20:52 below Jacki's comment was August 7th of 2010 but we aren't even into August yet.

Kapalee said...

I saw lot many interactions on this.

All i need is i want specific mail-ids to be triggered with a mail intimation that I have created a new post in blog. What is way- some someone help with a simple solution pl?

Rhoda's Ramble said...

Thanks for your help.

Victoria Leon said...

Is "follow by email" a good thing or a bad thing on my blog? If people click the "follow by email" they will never have to go to my actual blog. I will have a lower number of people looking at my blog with the "follow by email" widget. Does the "follow by email" give the entire blog article or just a little section so that the reader will need to go to the blog for the rest of the article? If the person clicks on their email, will that also count in my total number of blog clicks? Thanks for your help...

Chuck said...


That is a very good question, and one that I have cogitated a few times.

The answer, I suspect, depends upon the purpose for you having your blog, in the first place. If the purpose of having the blog requires that your readers read the blog posts directly in the browser, then you should not even offer email or newsfeed subscriptions. If the purpose of having the blog allows people to use email or newsfeed subscriptions equally well as reading the blog directly in the browser, then you can feature email and newsfeed subscriptions equally well.

Between the two states of mind lies compromise. Compromise between accessibility, design, and use of the blog.

Victoria Leon said...

Thanks Chuck for your great advice...

Mindi said...

Thank you for your easy to follow directions! I'm so geeked...I know this will increase traffic.

The Hill Family said...

I am so frustrated. Okay, I added the "subscribe to" widget a while back. I had no idea you could find out who is subscribing. I went to feedburner and figured all of that out. In the meantime, I accidentally changed the original feed address (long story) and then it stopped sending my feeds. :(

I deleted the feed (probably a mistake) and then lost all of my subscribers. :(

Okay, so here we are today. I set up a new feedburner account on my blog..and added some of my previous known subscribers.

I have posted 2 feeds and nothing has come through by email. I have it set up under "email notifications" .

I have pinged and resynced. I am so at a loss. Please help!!

(Also, is there any way to recover lost subscribers without them having to re-subscribe?)

Thank you for any help!! Your blog is so helpful!