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Blogger Magic - Set Main Page Size

One of the most visible changes, to the blog display, involves properly setting main page size.

You change the posts count using "Show at most" on the dashboard Settings - "Posts, comments and sharing" page - or "Number of posts on main page" in the "Configure Blog Posts" wizard. Both let you set the main page display limit.

You can limit main page size by days with posts, or by total post count.

Main page size is your choice, for your blog - but think of your readers, waiting for a typical main page display to download.

Many don't have extreme bandwidth, nor are the Blogger servers overly robust. When your blog, or even a single post, takes 2 or 3 minutes to load, your blog may need tuning.

Main page size is one key setting, in encouraging reader activity, and in improving search engine relationships.

  • "Show at most" on the dashboard Settings - "Posts, comments and sharing" page.
  • "Number of posts on main page" in the "Configure Blog Posts" wizard.

"Show at most" on the dashboard Settings - "Posts, comments and sharing" page.

"Number of posts on main page" in the "Configure Blog Posts" wizard.

There are alternate techniques, for changing main page size - use of a dynamic template, with endless scrolling - and segmenting the blog using pages. And adding Jump Break, to the posts, lets you make the individual posts smaller.

Also, note that only main page size can be limited. Archive retrievals and label searches use a fixed 20 posts / display page.

But for a simple blog setup, just limiting main page size is the first step to showing your readers that you respect their need to view your blog, without excessive waiting.

One of the simplest changes that you can make to a #Blogger blog, to make it easier to view, involves setting a reasonable main page size. This helps your readers view the blog, in main page view, without a lot of waiting.



Thanks for the tip it makes sense. What is the suggested page size? I realize this is a very open ended question with lots of variables that come into play. Suggested page size range? Might be a better question. Thanks Scotty
Great info. I set number of posts to 100 but it only shows about ten on desktop, much less on mobile phones. Download super on mobile, slow on desktop. I changed number but it remains same. I don't want to use jump break.

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