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Broken Feed Gadgets, From Google API Deprecation

Google makes changes to their software environment, constantly.

This week, they deprecated the Google Feed API. Unfortunately, many Blogger gadgets require that feature to display feed content, on our blogs.

This week, numerous reports about broken feeds, in various gadgets, are being seen, in Blogger Help Forum: Get Help with an Issue. The broken feeds are a direct result of the deprecated API.

Blogger Engineering is now aware of the problem - and is working hard to correct the cause of the problem.

This problem won't be fixed, in a one day effort.

The gadget update, which was started today after the API deprecation was identified as the cause of the reported problems, won't be finished in a one day project.

Engineers must first develop a replacement Blogger Feed API.

The Blogger Engineers have to first develop a replacement for the deprecated API - then they have to update each broken gadget.

Then, each broken gadget must be fixed, to use their API.

They will shortly be updating the gadgets that they know are broken - but it's always possible they might overlook one. They might even overlook the gadget that you depend upon, for your blog to provide content, for your readers. These are the currently identified problems.

  • Feed
  • Newsreel
  • Slideshow
  • Video Bar

We are collecting reports, from blog owners affected.

We have a Rollup Topic, in Blogger Help Forum: Get Help with an Issue, where we are collecting details from blog owners suffering from this change. If you're able to contribute, your details may be useful.

If you don't identify your problem, Blogger Engineering fixes the problem as they see it, and your problem remains unresolved, you'll be back here next week, asking why your problem is not solved.
(Update 12/3 14:00): Google has reactivated the Google Feed API, temporarily. All gadgets are returning to normal status.


MJB said…
"Google has reactivated the Google Feed API. All gadgets are returning to normal status." : Newsreel still does not work
GooG said…
0600 12-04-2015

Nitecruzr said…

Thanks everybody for the feedback. I am reporting newsreel as a continued problem.
ITP² said…
This is not first time when Google broke something that used to work fine.
When are you Googlers going to learn on your own previous mistakes?
It all started with horrid push to shove Google + down the throats of all users. Since then nothing ever works anymmore, and if something works it's just a matter of time it will be broken in one way or the other, because Google constantly "deprecate" this and that...
Be warned Googlers:
once more people realize your services cannot be trusted, Google itself will be deprecated.
MJB said…
Now Newsreel is OK


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