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Chaos Theory, And Blogger / Google Authentication

Every time I carry this computer with me, and login to Blogger or Google from another location - and get the repeated demand that I
Insert my USB key, and touch the button.
I growl just a bit. Then, I consider what using Google 2-Step Verification means, to me.

Many blog owners become unhappy, when they use Blogger.
I tried using Blogger from my friends computer - and I have to tell them when I setup my Blogger account!
I need to recover control of my blog - and even though I supplied the right phone, and got the recovery email message, I have to check off which Google services I have used, in the last month!! WTF??
These are simply people who do not use Google 2-Step Verification - and have to prove their identity, in a different way.

Some Blogger experts suggest that the Blogger / Google authentication / recovery process is flakey, because it requires blog owners to jump through hoops, when it's not convenient.

I enjoy publishing this blog - and do not want it stolen.

I value this blog. It does not get the reader volume that the real commercial blogs - or even the average lipstick / fashion / African news blog gets - but some readers tell me, from time to time, that my advice rocks. And that occasionally makes me smile.

I want to keep publishing this blog. Maybe you have a blog that you similarly value. Maybe one day, you wake up, and look at your Blogger dashboard, and find
You are not an author on any blogs yet ...
What do you do, now? Well, if your blog is now under somebody else's control, Blogger cannot help you.

This is advice that you do not want to see!

Proving identity is not fun - but having to recover a stolen blog is worse.

And that is why, even though I consider carryng the USB key to be a monumental pain in the arse, I carry it - and I use it, with gratitude. If you do not use Google 2-Step Verification (which you really should consider doing) - you should prepare to tell Google when you setup your Blogger account or check off which Google services you have used, in the last month, with similar gratitude.

Because, like it or not, Blogger and Google want you to continue, as the owner of your blog. And when you use your brothers computer, and have to tell them when you setup your GMail account, or where you last used Blogger, that is why you are asked for such irrelevant details.

Blogger / Google account maintenance / recovery is a chaotic system.

And if you consider the Blogger account recovery, or login, to be flakey - spend some time studying Chaos Theory, and learn how complex systems may seem chaotic, when we do not understand the complexity. And read about how complex Blogger authentication and account maintenance can be - especially when blogs are owned anonymously.


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