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Account Recovery And Account Security Is One Issue

We see the frustration, in Blogger Help Forum: Get Help with an Issue, almost daily.
My blog has disappeared from my dashboard, and my subscribers are getting spam! How do I get my blog returned to me?
I got a new computer, and now I can't access my blog. Who can I call at Google, to get this fixed??
These are two blog owners who have the same problem, but do not understand the connection.

Blogger used to provide personalised account / blog recovery - but providing one service too often would lead to a need for the other.

It's not possible to verify blog ownership, using one-on-one contact.

It's simply not possible to provide account recovery, on a one to one basis, using ad hoc authentication techniques. Technology - including the ability to create forged identification, and to use the power of the web to crack accounts, makes it too easy for a hacker / blog thief to operate - and too difficult for Blogger Support to manage.

Blogger has to provide account recovery, consistently - and that means blog owners can only use automated tools. This is "due diligence" policy - and it's good business practice.

If the blog cannot be used, it awaits your return - with proper authentication.

If a blog is currently unowned ("dormant", under your former account), it is probably because Blogger won't accept ad hoc authentication. If they were more permissive, it's possible that a hacker would have made persuasive claims, and brute forced their way into your account, and into your blog.

Not only would it not be your blog (it would be now owned by another person), but you would watch it being filled with spam - and possibly publishing spam to your Followers Reading Lists.

And unfortunately, if the blog is currently owned by another person, unless the other person uses the blog for illegal activity, it's likely that the blog will remain owned by the other person.

If email / phone assistance were provided, blog theft would increase.

Blogger agents cannot provide email or phone contact, because were they to provide direct, one on one contact, there would surely be more people later suggesting
I'm a bit worried about this rather public forum!
Strange posts have been appearing on my blog!!

Account recovery, and account security, are simply two sides of the same coin. You cannot be permissive with one - and not need to increase the other.


Unknown said…
Please accept my thanks and appreciation for your previous blog posts that helped me release one of my captured blogs. It now seems that something else is happening.

Here is my story.

A few months ago, I first noticed a malware problem when I went to my blogs. I only saw iFrames at two of my blogspot blogs. Everyone that I get tech advice from told me that a really mean virus, trojan or malware would be found in my computer. This was scary, so I doubled down and purchased more Malware, Anti-Virus and Cleaner software.

What I discovered over the past few months is that the problem was on my blogs...not my computer. I searched for and found someone mention it in a Google forum. This information about hijacked old gadgets helped me liberate one of my blogs. It came free from outside control, but the other one is a harder nut to crack.

When I began to work on my second captured blog, I had total permissions to edit, so I began by removing the "faux friends" list on my blog. I eliminated a few other gadgets, but not all. The text and images sparked in and out and jumped (my untechnical terms). After that I was locked out of the layout functions. Now, I can see and edit the posts, but I can't edit the template or other parts of the blog layout.

Before the blog was totally lost to me, I did manage to follow your earlier instructions about saving the template and the blog posts in files on separate media, for both of my problem blogs.

Based on the information that I had available to me at the time I figured that some bit of it was still working to lock me out.I came to these conclusions based on the information that I had available to me at the time. If there is something else to be done, I would appreciate your insight.

My second blogspot account had a address, and I used it to access the layout. Since the re-capture of my blog, Google isn't recognizing this address at all. It flips me over to one of my unrelated Google accounts. No one else has ever had permission to write or administer these blogs, so I think I wasn't able to eliminate the offending code.

YES, I DID, JUST RECENTLY, READ THE POST THAT SAID WE NOW HAVE TO HAVE GOOGLE ACCOUNTS! Sorry, I couldn't switch it before the craziness happened.

If my problems are interesting enough, or if you can use my example to as a cautionary tale, please "release the hounds".

Thanks for all your efforts and time involved in this important work.
Nitecruzr said…
Hi Sheryl,

Thanks for your comments, and report.

I would like to work on this, with you. Can you please post in Blogger Help Forum: Get Help with an Issue, so we can explore this in more detail?

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