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Image Upload And "sign in to access online storage"

Last month, Blogger launched an improved Page / Post Editor image uploader - Image Drag and Drop.
Today, we are happy to announce that users will be able to drag and drop images directly into posts drafts.

In the past, users had to click on “Insert image” to upload the file from the posts drafts. However, with the new drag and drop feature, users will have an easier way to add pictures into post drafts.
Like many Blogger major improvements, this one comes with challenges.

This week, we have been faced with some reports of problems, when uploading images, in post editor.
Blogger tells me I must sign in to access my online storage.

This problem, like many others, involves third party cookies.
After some effort diagnosing, Blogger Engineering advised us that the problem with image uploads, like many other authentication issues ("I must sign in to access"), was caused by third party cookie filters.

To upload images to a Blogger / Google library, you must be identified.
Image uploads - to any of the Blogger / Google photo hosting services - require authentication.
  • Google Docs.
  • Google Drive.
  • Google Photos.
  • Picasa.
All of these services require authentication - because all uploads are on a per user basis.

If you can't be identified, you can't upload images, photos, or pictures. And identification - like almost every Blogger / Google feature - requires third party cookies.

A workaround was developed, and installed, by Blogger Engineers.
Blogger Engineering has developed a workaround for this problem, and installed it, as of late 12/2.

Enable third party cookies, for the best resolution.
The best long term solution - as with so many Blogger problems - comes with proper filtering, specifically not filtering third party cookies.


Bookhorde said…
Hi, thanks for that. Any update on the contact form / email routing not working?
I'm signed in, cookies are enabled. This morning, I got a notice in the photo uploaded pop up about the Drag and Drop feature. Clicked 'Got It' and now all I get is a blank pop up box with the small X in the upper right corner, instead of the uploading content that that box should contain. Any ideas about what I should do?
Nitecruzr said…

Thanks for the question.

If you enabled cookies in the browser setting, and you're still getting symptoms like blank popup boxes, you may need to check for other cookie filters. Some filters will update automatically, without your consent or even your knowledge.
For whatever mystical computer reason, shutting down my laptop and restarting it restored the function of the uploader window. Thanks for the reply!

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