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Blogger Can't Limit Legal Action, By Your Policy

Some blog owners expect to get a slap on the wrist, for each TOS violation.
I had a notice on the blog.
If anybody objects to what I'm doing, just tell me - and I'll remove the offending content!
Why was my blog deleted?

These owners plan blog content, based on doing what they want - hoping that Blogger will make them a list, over and over again, identifying their mistakes.
Don't do that!
That attitude is similar to what we hear from some politicians.
It's not a crime, until I get caught!

Blogger abuse / copyright / TOS violation bots don't scan each blog, looking for instruction, how to handle any violations, provided by the blog owner.

Blogger takes action, according to their Content and TOS policies.

Blogger takes action, according their content and offense policies - and expects that you will objectively request them to review their action.

The first couple violations, in a blog, result in deleted material. Repeated violations result in a deleted or locked blog - then a deleted Blogger account.

Blogger has a responsibility to the owners of the blogs or websites, whose content you steal. They can't spend a lifetime, telling you, over and over
Don't copy that material improperly!
The owners of the blogs, who provide your material, have rights, too. They can't just sit patiently, while their search reputation drops, because of your content duplication.

If Blogger overlooks your personal suggestion, don't expect a reversal, later.

Blogger may detect your multiple infractions as defiant, non repentant abuse. If they fail to wait long enough after each offense, before taking the next action against you - or fail to notify you properly, because you can't be contacted - don't expect that they will restore your account, when you point out their mistake.

Blogger may not notify you, properly, per your requirements.

Communicating with blog owners, unfortunately, can be a challenge.

Blogger allows (and even encourages) anonymous blog ownership. Unfortunately, successful anonymity prevents communication - including notification when content is being removed, to satisfy copyright / DMCA action. Blogger tries to contact people, using email - but people who prevent email communication may not get the necessary notices.

Blogger won't communicate before taking action - simply because some people might ignore warnings, and other people never get warnings. They take action first, then notify the offending owners, as best able - and expect that anybody who disagrees with action taken will appeal.

It's your responsibility to know and observe Blogger / Google requirements.

If you want to publish a Blogger blog - and if you want to keep the blog online - it's your responsibility to review and observe both Blogger Content, and Google TOS, requirements. You're an adult, act like an adult.


Aaron Johnson said…
Speaking about that; I always write original content that is safe for readers to read my blog.
I had a curious question:
What happens if I written an article that criticizes Blogger, and I written for example:
I decided to criticize Blogger. I know there's lots of loopholes going on. I need to be extra careful because, something is not right.
I'm writing this article because DMCA sucks!
If I criticized Blogger with this article, what would happen to my blog?
Nitecruzr said…

The original purpose of DMCA sucks, yes. As used by Blogger, though, the people reporting DMCA violations can be ordinary blog owners, like you or me.

But what does copyright protection have to do with criticising Blogger? Articles that criticise Blogger have no vulnerability under DMCA - unless maybe your article duplicates my article - and I have you cited for copying mine. In that case, your article is vulnerable simply because you duplicated my article.

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