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Owner Recovery Ability, Of Deleted Blogs

A deleted blog can be restored, only after an owner successfully requests restore / review.

Since only a blog owner can request blog restore / review, deleted blog recovery can only start from the owner dashboard, with proper use of the "Restore" / "Review" button or link.

The dashboard requirement ensures that no blogs will be restored, without being under control by the owner.

Blog review is only possible, if the necessary dashboard button or link is present.

Button / link presence will vary, depending upon the reason for the deletion.
  • Deleted by owner.
  • Deleted by Blogger, as suspected abusive content.
  • Deleted by Blogger, as a claimed copyright / DMCA violation.
  • Deleted by Blogger, as team membership content.
  • If there is no button or link, a deleted blog can't be restored.

Deleted by owner.

A blog, deleted by the owner, will have a "Restore" button on the owners dashboard. If the blog is under team ownership, the "Restore" button will be on the dashboard of the person who deleted it. The other team members may or may not have a button.

The "Restore" button, when provided, will be present for up to 90 days following deletion - if "Delete permanently" is not used. After 90 days, or if "Delete permanently" is used, restore will be impossible.

Deleted by Blogger, as suspected abusive content.

A blog, deleted by Blogger as suspected abusive content (malware, porn, spam) will have a "Review" button on the owners dashboard. If the blog is under team ownership, all team members should have a "Review" button.

If the blog was deleted by Blogger, suspected of hosting malware, the dashboard button will initially be "Restore". Once the blog is restored, it will be Locked to the general public. It will be visible to the owner / team members only, until all malware is removed, Review is requested, and the blog is Unlocked.

Deleted by Blogger, as a claimed copyright / DMCA violation.

A blog, deleted by Blogger as a copyright / DMCA violation, will have no dashboard entry at all. Only successful DMCA Appeal will restore the blog.

Deleted by Blogger, as team membership content.

A blog under team ownership, with another team member account deleted for abusive activity, may disappear from the dashboard of all team members. No Button or link is provided - and no restore will be possible, without the team members account being reviewed, and restored.

If there is no button or link, a deleted blog can't be restored.

Blog restore can only be initiated from a dashboard button or link, to protect the owner(s) of the blog. If no button or link is present, it's possible that the owner is logged in to Blogger, under the wrong account. Any supposed owner must check all Blogger accounts, and find the account with the required button or link.

In some cases, finding the right Blogger account may reveal a locked or deleted account - and the initial cause of the blog deletion.


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