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Microsoft Edge Is Not Yet Supported By Blogger

It's important to use a supported browser, when using Blogger.

Every different browser - and every different browser version - requires different code, to make heavily scripted products like Blogger operate properly on your computer. When you report a problem with using Blogger, one of the most essential questions that you can answer is
What browser - and what browser version - are you using?
This is not a formality - nor is it pedantic or snarky - it is a serious question, intended to help you to help us.

Blogger Engineering cannot support every browser - in every possible version - and hope to keep the Blogger dashboard, and all of the utilities in the dashboard - operating.

Every new browser version, as well as every old browser version, carries a challenge - making Blogger code more complex. Complex code requires more time to be spent, in designing, developing, and testing each new Blogger feature and tweak - and in diagnosing every Blogger hiccup.

With new operating systems come new browsers, and still more challenges. This month, we are learning about Microsoft Edge, the replacement for Internet Explorer, in Microsoft Windows 10.

Edge is a new browser - supposedly more than merely Internet Explorer V12. Blogger does not yet support Edge. For a list of supported browsers, click here.

Support for Edge may not happen immediately. Just last month, Blogger Engineering took a giant leap forward, and eliminated one of the most annoying bX codes that's been consistently reported - which supposedly deals with Internet Explorer V11.

The "bX-w7tr63", and before that "bX-rjv21c" and "bX-sf96g4", are 3 bX error codes which have been persistently annoying us, for several years. And all were related, in some way, to the current version of Internet Explorer.

The initial version of Edge, which is packaged with Windows 10, appears to lack key components which Blogger requires. Whether Blogger Engineering will be able to develop workarounds, and make the dashboard utilities work, under Edge, remains to be seen.

If you are having a problem with various dashboard / page / post editor features, such as the toolbar, or the "Compose" / "HTML" buttons - and you are using Edge, you may need to downgrade to Internet Explorer V10 or V11, until Blogger Engineering can upgrade dashboard code. Alternately, you may need to use a third party browser, such as Chrome or Firefox.

Some Windows 10 users have observed that switching from Edge to Internet Explorer is just a matter of changing the "Default Browser" setting. From the Windows icon on the task bar, select Settings, then System, then "Default Apps", and finally select Internet Explorer for "Web browsers".


Thanks for responding to my comment about Edge on the Blogger forum. The weird thing is that just before I read your response I tried posting from Edge again this morning and the post went through in record time. Now I am really confused!
Unknown said…
Thanks for your advice changed browser default and normal service is resumed.


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