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Why Do You Publish A Blogger Blog?

One of the more intriguing questions, that we see in Blogger Help Forum: Learn More About Blogger, involves the Blogger / WordPress dichotomy.
Should I migrate my blog to WordPress, where they provide SEO optimized themes, and various plugins?
My answer to that question starts with the suggestion, that the blog owner should ask himself
Why do I publish a blog?
This question has many possible answers - but I will focus on two possibilities.

To me, the choice of Blogger vs WordPress starts with asking why the blog is being published.

Blogger blogs are personal websites - and provide the best results when published with informative, interesting, and unique content. People read Blogger blogs, because they are written by people, who have something to say - and the readers provide the SEO activity.

WordPress offers a cornucopia of SEO enhancements, from clever themes, to plugins - and support groups that encourage the novice owner to develop a blog with little to no content or planning.

At the risk of stating the obvious, I'll suggest that, if you wish to publish a blog with little to no original content, you should move the blog to WordPress - and make use of their SEO optimized themes, and various plugins. Leave Blogger blogs to people who actually have something to say.

But, that suggestion has a downside.

One day, Google will take the next step beyond Panda, and further emphasise content over clever marketing schemes, and traffic enhancement techniques. As that happens, people who build blogs and websites based on themes and plugins will find their blogs and websites getting less traffic from actual people.

As actual people tire of reading cleverly marketed blogs with no content or focus, the owners of these blogs will turn to more innovative techniques for getting traffic. Hopefully, the WordPress Support forums will be more sympathetic to the novice spammers who ask
Why was my blog deleted by WordPress?
Why does my blog not appear at the top of the search list?

Blogger blog owners can organise their blogs, dynamically - based on how they want to present the content, and how their readers can choose to read the content.

Help Blogger to encourage the spammers to move to WordPress - and the people who have something to say can continue publishing Blogger blogs.


I have been experimenting with traffic from blogger and wordpress for a couple years now. I'm moving my site out of wordpress this year because: the Actual Traffic was better with the blogger with G+ integration and I received more job site bid requests.
Corinne DeBra said…
Good post and question! I have two successful blogger blogs. I focus more on content than SEO. I get plenty of traffic. Not that I wouldn't accept more, but I don't want to spend valuable time chasing the latest SEO tricks, when I could be taking better/more interesting photos, or writing better content. Other people have asked for my help, but when the first thing out of their mouths is "I want really great SEO," I find myself letting out a heavy sigh.

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