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Adding Gadgets To A Dynamic Template

We all know the limitations of the dynamic template - how you can't easily edit dynamic template HTML code, or add gadgets.

Long ago, you could link a dynamic and non dynamic view of the blog, and let your readers use the sidebar, and the many gadgets there, in non dynamic view - and switch back to dynamic view, for the comments and posts. That ability was taken away, earlier this year.

And some gadgets, that you are used to seeing on a blog using a non dynamic template, have not been made available on dynamic templates.

That doesn't mean that you have to give up completely, however, on adding the gadgets that you need. Thanks to the ability to embed gadgets in static pages, and to add pages to a dynamic template, you can have a static page, on a dynamic template, that contains many gadgets, of your own choosing.

Blogger has been working on the dynamic templates - and they do add features, occasionally.

With a working Pages gadget on the blog, add a static page, containing the gadgets of your choice. Then, make sure that your new static page is selected, under "Pages to show".

Checkout the blog, and make sure that the new static page, and the Pages gadget, works as expected. If you're doing this while using a non dynamic template, go back to the Template wizard, and re select the dynamic template.

With the blog once again using a dynamic template - and if you added / relocated the Pages gadget into the Tabs section of the template, you should now see the static pages, indexed in the linkbar, just below the title section of the blog. Now, find the new static page - and checkout the new gadgets, embedded in the page. You can see my new "Contact Me" gadget, in my "Musings" blog.

This still won't let you add every gadget (some XML based gadgets can't be added directly, to a static page) - but it should give you a few more possibilities.

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I added contact form in my blog which is using a dynamic template. The form is working fine except for one issue. The name and message field in the form is not accepting empty space . Please help me to fix this. Here is my blog contact form:
Chuck Croll said…

Thanks for the feedback!

Is a contact form entry, with no name / message useful?

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