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Dashboard "Deleted blogs" Buttons Are Broken

We have numerous problem reports, in Blogger Help Forum: Get Help with an Issue, about a problem with the "Deleted blogs" section of the dashboard.
I can't restore my deleted blog!
I can't request spam review!
These owners are concerned, because the "Restore" and "Review" buttons appear to be broken. Nothing happens, when clicked.

Right now, we are starting immediate manual spam review, for blogs deleted as suspected spam hosts, when properly requested by the owner.

People who have "intentionally" deleted their own blogs, and who want to restore, may not be able to easily do that. There is no manual "restore my blog" process, that is appropriately part of Blogger Support Forum.

There are an array of cases, which can result in deleted or locked blogs. Only one case requires spam review.

Any other case leaves the owner waiting, needlessly, for Blogger Policy Review to return a verdict that they can't review a blog that was not deleted as a suspected spam host. Blogger Policy Review works from a normally long queue - and with the currently broken buttons, it's an even longer queue.

Without use of the buttons, ownership verification starts with the owner supplying a screen print of "Deleted blogs". The screen print is inconvenient for both the owner - and for the helpers in Blogger Support Forum, who must carefully verify that spam review is necessary. This happens only when the owner is able and willing to cooperate, and provide a usable screen print.

We now have a Rollup Discussion, in Blogger Help Forum: Get Help with an Issue, where we are requesting demographic and technical details from each blog owner reporting inability to use the "Deleted blogs" buttons.

This malfunction has been reported to Blogger Engineering, for their resolution. Since we are at end of year, and the holiday season, it's unlikely that the problem will be resolved this year.

While we wait for their action by Blogger Engineering, everybody experiencing this problem is strongly urged to contribute their details to the Rollup Discussion. Problem diagnosis being as it is, any one person, contributing their details, might contribute the one essential detail that leads to successful diagnosis of the problem.

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hi chuck, quick question: old blog which i no longer have access to, how do i delete it? thanks
duly noted. understood. it's kind of an oxymoron. google has acknowledged that i am the author by listing it with my other blogs in analytics. i created it 7 years ago. i just wonder why Google knows i authored it, but will not allow access to it? months ago you spent hours trying to help me, but at that time, google had not acknowledged i was the author of my old blog. does this make any difference or should i just forget about it? thanks again.
Chuck Croll said…

Google is full of oxymorons - and some are general morons.

You have one misconception - which I used to have, also. You see Google as one corporation - and given that identity, it would be quite reasonable to presume that a relationship certified in Analytics should be also recognised in Blogger.

In reality, Google is thousands of little corporations. Every little group there has their own identity - and their own priorities.

Blogger has a tough row to hoe, too. Way back when they would take a claim such as yours, made in a public forum "I forgot the password, and my email isn't working!", they would make an ad-hoc post, in the forum "I just sent a password reset to "al****** @ ***". Sometimes, the blog owner would request a better hint, and get "al****an @ ***".

Do you see where I am going with the "hint" crapola?

It gets better - and no, this is not a Tom Clancy novel.

Several times, they would get back a grateful reply from the owner, after multiple hints ala "Wheel of Fortune" were provided.

And the next week or month, somebody would write "I just looked at my blog, and it's full of spam - and it's not on my dashboard!". And naming the blog, what do you think had happened?

Please, I want you to guess here. Or read the post.

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