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Cleanup Labels In Posts Published During The Week Of 2011/05/11

Now that the chaos of May 11, and the maintenance release rollback, is becoming a distant memory for many (but not all) blog owners, we have a few blog owners, reporting in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken, noticing artifacts of that week.
My blog has labels with some weird signs in front of them, with no posts - how do I get rid of these labels?

The problem is that you won't find these odd labels indexed in "Edit Posts" - so how do you remove them?

What you'll find - if your blog shows these weird labels - is that posts, newly published or updated during the maintenance release rollback time span, will have label strings where the commas (which should separate each individual label) have been replaced by these odd characters - and your labels for the problem posts have been trashed.

The good news is that this should not be too hard to clean up. You just have to edit the labels, one post at a time.
  1. Edit each post, newly published or updated during the time of chaos.
  2. Copy and paste the entire contents of the Labels window into any text editor.
  3. Edit the string of text - remove any garbage characters, and add commas separating each label.
  4. When you have the Labels looking as they should in your text editor, copy and paste the entire text string into the Labels window in the post, and replace everything in the Labels window.
  5. Publish the post, again.

Hoping that you didn't publish too many posts during the chaos, just take a few minutes, and clean up. You'll be done in less time than it took me to write this, most likely.

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JimKlimov said…
I see that the rollback and the cleanup are now regarded as a "memory of the long past".

Does it mean that Blogger personnel will no longer try to recover blog entries and old-post updates which users entered during that week?

I, for one, am still patiently waiting for return of my changes from circa May 11 to older posts.
And from the support forum I know that I am not the only one without knowledge whether their posts and updates saved into Blogger would ever come back. We used the feedback form to draw attention to our particular blogs and describe what was missing, but AFAIK no users received any responses, and for all we know - nobody in Blogger/Google may have ever read them :(

Alternatively I am waiting for Blogger to officially state "we are done, try to remember what you updated in those old posts and write it up again!" - but it's not that I am looking forward to such statement ;)

//Kathreen & Jim Klimov
Chuck said…

It's a memory for many - but understandably, not for everybody.

Blogger Support is - slowly - working their way through the list built from the "Blogger Maintenance" form. Unfortunately, their legal department won't permit them to comment on any individual issues arising from the problems.

I understand your frustrations - really. I don't share your frustrations - this time - but I have been through similar experiences, in the past.

Hang in there.
JSK said…
I didn't notice this problem until this morning. Took care of the problem in a few minutes

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