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Owners Of Private Blogs Report The "About Me" Gadget Has Been Replaced By The "Contributors" Gadget

As I've mentioned before, generally in consumer related issues, a "2 for 1" offer is something that you enjoy,
The "2 for 1" offer is not always the case, for Blogger blogs.

This week, we have owners of private blogs, who report that their blogs, which previously displayed the "About Me" gadget, now show a "Contributors" gadget. The issue of the "About Me" gadget being replaced by the "Contributors" gadget is not arbitrary though.

If one looks at the unwanted "Contributors" gadget, one sees two (or more) members listed.

Looking beneath the member links, at the URLs referenced, one sees that each link merely duplicates the other. As we know, for blogs which have multiple members, the "About Me" gadget automatically displays as "Contributors", and shows the member list in place of the single owner profile.

The problem here appears to be in the gadget itself. Looking at Settings - Permissions - "Blog Authors", only one entry - the owner - is displayed in the list. To date, this oddity has been reported only for private blogs. No odd duplication of links, in the Contributors gadgets on non private blogs, has been reported.

The good news here is that this problem is not difficult to resolve, on your own. While we wait for Blogger to correct the problem, you can take a few minutes, and make an "About Me" gadget that fulfills your needs far better than the default "About Me" gadget ever did.


Vonnie Alto said…
When will this problem get fixed? My private blog is also affected.
Penn and Janet said…
This happened on our blog as well one day this week. I would really like the "about me" info to be back and "contributors" to be gone. We only have 1 contributor but it's listed twice.
Nitecruzr said…
I, too, would like this problem to be solved. Unfortunately, Blogger Support can't - and won't - make a commitment. In view of the many other problems facing us this week, I don't expect that they should, either.
Tina said…
My blog is private and has multiple contributors. Up until the past week or so the 4 authors were listed under contributors. Yesterday when I added a blog post the names started duplicating, so now 8 names are listed. I don't want the "about me" back; I do like seeing the contributors. Would only like to see them once though.
Tina said…
I will also note that when I look at the preview of my blog it looks correct, ie each contributor to the blog is only listed once. But when I look at the live blog, it is incorrect.
ZJ said…
I'm upset about this because my private blog was FINE for 6 months. Why have it a problem now? It must be because they were messing with something, why can't they undo what they did to cause this problem?

It's also annoying that when you ask them about this issue they say "it's not a big deal because after all it's a private Blog, you're the only one seeing it."

But that's not true. I have about 30 viewers to my private Blog. (I'm the only author.) I'm sure there are many private blogs that have many viewers.

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