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Followers Intermittently Visible, In A Variety Of Symptoms

We're seeing a flood of reports, in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken, about inability to view Followers. This blog appears to be part of the problem, as reported, from time to time.

The main symptom is reported by people who see a large blank space, where the Followers gadget contents should display, on any blog affected.

The symptoms appear to be intermittent, and varied.

Some blog owners only report that they can't view their own Followers, others report that their readers can't view their Followers either. In some cases, Followers are visible using the dashboard "nnn Followers" link, in other cases, that display is similarly blank. In a few cases, I can see Followers using one browser, but not another, for the same blog.

And even more frustratingly, this problem will come and go. In the past 24 hours, I have observed the visibility of my Followers change maybe a dozen times.

Blogger Support has been alerted, but has not yet acknowledged the problem in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken.

And please, whatever you do, ignore the reference to "uGotCrossedSon"!

(Update 2011/05/28 10:00 PDT): We have an update from Blogger Support, suggesting an initial attempt to resolve this problem.
We have released a fix for the Following issue and things should be back to normal now. I've verified this in a handful of blogs which weren't working yesterday evening.

Make sure you clear your cache and cookies too!

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Naturaleza said…
Thank you! I will try to be. I had already cleared cache and cookies. I will definitely check back on your site, this post, for updates.
Heather G said…
All looks ok in Firefox where I first noticed the problem before, but I just went to my blog for the first time in Safari, and followers are not visible. Recent posts are not showing either.
Heather G said…
Well.. now it's all showing up in Safari!
Wylye Girl said…
No changes on my blog Still can't see my own followers or anyone elses either on my blog or on my dashboard
4dreamsr said…
Thanks for the info! Having this problem & scaaared me! Thought I was being hacked. Couldn't find out what was going on anywhere else.
Mary said…
It ain't fixed: I've just re-added the followers gadget (at the bottom of the footer, where the big space doesn't look too strange ;-) - and it's still a big blank space. As is the Followers section on your blog.
Ive done everything suggested to do.. three times now. No fix. Honestly there are so many threads in the help forum I dont know which one is which.
This is so frustrating. And to think I PAID blogger for a (dot) com.
Adam said…
I do not have a Followers gadget, but I can't see my followers from the Dashboard.

More significantly, I do not think my followers can see me. I always get a few hits whenever I post a new post, but not this time.

My latest post is in the feed, so this is a puzzler.
Naturaleza said…
Hey, Chuck. Wanted you to know that I just checked and my gadget is back on the blog.
artistamyjo said…
Lost my followers for 2 days...woo hoo they are back but now blogger won't let me post anything nor can I follow new blogs.
WEill this eve get fixed????
Chuck said…

The Blogger problems are indeed frustrating - and the longer you work with them, the more frustrating they will get.

But try and remember that they are different problems - and that each problem has to be solved, in due time, by the responsible parties. If you persist in seeing everything as one problem, and insist that all problems must be fixed by Blogger, then that one problem will never get fixed.

There will always be Blogger problems, because Blogger is developed by people.
Chuck said…

The decision whether to add a Followers gadget to ones blog is personal, and not all blog owners will want one for their blog. That's simply one more choice to make, as a Blogger blog owner.

If you don't have a Followers gadget on your blog, and if you don't see Followers from your dashboard, how do you know if you have Followers? What buttons and links, exactly, do you have in your dashboard entry for the blog in question?
Adam said…
Chuck, my problem has since cleared up, but I did want to follow up since you were so kind as to pursue it with me.

From my dashboard, for each blog, I see the notation "nn Followers," where nn is a numeral.

That's one way I know I have followers, even though I do not have the followers gadget on my blog.

Clicking on this notation on my dashboard brings me to the "manage followers" page for that blog, showing followers and friends. (Though oddly, one shy of the number "nn," for both my blogs).

This display of followers was not showing during a period that seemed to coincide with the difficulties that others were having with the followers gadgets. I assume that the two aspects of missing followers were related.

But they are back now, at least for me. Thanks!
Chuck said…

The dashboard display was down, along with the other symptoms, for a number of blogs - including this one.

Now that the problems have been resolved (we hope), some people continue to report inability to display Followers (including the dashboard display) - but this problem appears to be consistent to the individual computer. The problem(s) being reported should now be resolved by proper filter settings.

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