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Layered Security And Following

The Following gadget problem of May 26 is slowly becoming a memory for many blog owners, but not for everybody. We still see the odd problem report in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken, mentioning inability to view Followers.
I though Following was fixed. Why can I still not see my Followers?

Too many blog owners, and readers, do not realise the significance of the many domains used by Blogger / Google. For Following, the relevant domain is "".

Any browser and computer, where the Followers gadget still does not show up, after clearing cache, cookies, and sessions, then restarting the browser in question, needs to be carefully examined for any popup or script filter. Any script filter, that does not permit "", will completely prevent the Followers gadget from displaying. And the "break out" Followers window will likewise be blocked by any popup window filter that does not permit "".

Check your layered security components - both in the browser(s) that you use, and on your computer. Make sure that "" is fully trusted, if you want full functionality from Following - both in the blog display, and from your dashboard.

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Willow said…
I am still having issues with missing Followers. Any suggestions?
Nitecruzr said…

You have to check the security settings on your browser and computer, for anything that filters cookies and / or scripts for "". It's that simple, and it's on your computer.
Eilidh said…
Okay, I am not a computer person, and I just barely know what a browser is. I appreciate what you're advocating, but I don't know how to accomplish it. Will my computer be vulnerable to every hacking virus out there by altering my security settings or minimizing them? For a long time my blog was fine and my followers showed up. I have done nothing different. Perhaps the issue is, why should it be a problem in the first place? I just want to write a blog once in a while and have a couple of followers who read it. Anyway, thanks for the advice. I'll try to figure it out.
Aus said…
Have done that and it still doesn't work!!!!
Nitecruzr said…

If your browser or add-on script filter lets you specify the domains that are allowed to provide script to your display, which is what you should be doing, then you're only vulnerable to problems from "". That's a Google controlled domain. If you trust Google, you can trust that domain.

If your browser or add-on filter only contains a selection to "allow Javascript", you have a problem. Here is where you need to get a better browser or add-on script filter, so you can allow specific domains, like "".
Carol said…
Hello Chuck,

I had a problem with my followers vanishing just awhile back but you all fixed the problem. It has now happened again. I have made no changes.

Safari 5.0.4

Thank you for hopefully resolving this problem.
Carol Duke

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