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Blog Owners Unable To Login To Blogger, Using ""

This week, many unhappy blog owners report inability to login to Blogger, and access their dashboards. In some cases, they are seeing the well known "404 Not Found" error. For a few folks, this error comes from an odd habit - which used to be supported by Blogger - but no more.

"", which used to redirect to "", now does not.

If you use "" to access Blogger, access your dashboard, or to login, this is why you cannot access Blogger, access your dashboard, or login.

Update your bookmarks, and change your habits, when you login to Blogger. Don't use "" to access Blogger - use "". If you need to avoid the local language redirect, use "" (for English access to Blogger), or use "" (for any supported alternative language code "xx").

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Holly Ruggiero said…
Several people can log in but not comment on certain blogs.
Chuck said…

You, and the "several people", need to diagnose the commenting problems, looking at both the "certain blogs", and the various computers used by the "several people".
PussDaddy said…
Odd how I have been doing it for years doesn't work now. I have the same problem-I am signed in when I am on dashboard, but when I go to view blog it says sign in, but if I do of course I am already signed in. I also can comment on some blogs but most just send me back to the sign in page. I have cleared cache a million times.

PussDaddy said…
I am afraid I don't understand what you are saying. I typed in to get to my blog and I still can't sign out of my own blog. I also tried
to get there and the same thing. Is that some sort of code we are supposed to imbed somewhere because it didn't work typing it into my browser. Thanks.

Interesting but there are no easy answers. Could not leave comments on Blogger blog--no matter what. Even asked my own server, Typepad, for help. Discovered that can only have it happen from if use my gmail address! Very annoying.
Gabriele C. said…
One way around the comment problem is to chose Name/URL as your login info.

Strangely, I appear to be logged in on comment layouts like this one but not the ones that have the comments centered in the middle of the screen and a post box below the comments - it has always taken an additional step to comment on those, because the verification code comes up after you hit Submit, and you have to submit twice (the plus side on that setting is the Edit feature).

It's also weird that I can access my dashboard and post, but when I got to View Blog, my blog shows me as not logged in.
Precisely this happening to me I can not access Blogger, do not know where part of the problem but I Blogspot I have no page open, so to get into my blog
I always do it through Blogger, yet
sometimes I can not access.

Happy weekend.
a greeting.
Holly Ruggiero said…
I know it's not my blog because it is getting comments from others. All I can offer the people who email me saying they can't comments is what I've read at the forums. (clear cache, etc) They come back and it still doesn't worked.

One person noticed it happened when commenting was embedded o the blogs. I changed mine to popups and I'm waiting for her to check it out.

We'll see. I figure it can't hurt to try, right?
Chuck said…

If you are looking for definitive, useful answers, you're going to have to post your questions in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken. Diagnosing your problems here is not easily done.


This article suggests a workaround for one specific problem. Logging out is another issue, completely.


My apologies to you who expect that every answer will be provided here, immediately. That's not going to happen, because I can't diagnose every problem, immediately. I have to go one problem, at a time, and one person, at a time.

This article discusses one problem. Here, for the sake of canonical procedure, are two other problems, that I'm looking at, this week.

I'm human - and I cannot please everybody. Sorry.
Chuck said…

The "Name / URL" option is an excellent alternative - for blogs which allow it - and when it fits your personal needs.

Just not every blog owner will allow "Anonymous" ("Name / URL") as a commenting option - and not every blog reader will want to use it.

This is all part of the third party cookie commenting issue. It's caused, in part, by our computers and the choices that each of us make, in deciding how to protect our computers.
Gabriele C. said…
Chuck, thanks for the info about anyonymous comments. I have those disabled on my blog but if the problem persists, I may allow them until the bug family that seems to have taken residence in the blogger sofware, has been evicted. :)
Holly Ruggiero said…
Trust me, I'm on that thread and have been even before you posted here. ;)
Chuck said…
Which thread, Holly? I don't know if you notice, but cross referencing blog comments and forum discussions isn't easily done. 8-(
Gabriele C. said…
Lol, there are like 148 threads about the login/comment problems by now. I really don't get why people start a new one instead of posting a reply to an existing thread about the problem. ;)

On the positive side, I could get a new post with photos up, edit my template, and comment on 2 out of 3 blogs I wanted to comment on. *knocks on wood that it will not get worse again*
Holly Ruggiero said…
It's the most active thread on the forums: Known Issue, 5/24: Comment and Login problems:

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