Sunday, November 21, 2010

You May Not Have To Speak The Local Language

Blogger and Google want to make their services available to the entire world - and this involves recognising that the entire world does not speak English. Not only is the English language not spoken by the majority of the worlds inhabitants, it's not even the second most common. With this detail in mind, Blogger / Google tries to display their pages in the language of the local inhabitants, based on geo location of the Internet connection.

If you are in a land not your own, and you don't speak the local language, you may not do well reading the language either. When you want to use Blogger or Google, you may need to see the initial display in English (or in whatever non local language you speak). Fortunately, Blogger and Google have provided for this situation.
  • With Blogger, "" gives you a Blogger sign in page in the local language.
    • If you need to see the sign in page in English, you can use "". The Draft equivalent, "", may or may not work, similarly, to let us use the New GUI (2011) Blogger.
    • If you need the page in your own language, use "", where "xx" is the code for your language.
    • To permanently set the language that you want to use, from this computer, use the Blogger Language Selection wizard.
  • With Google, "" gives you the page in the local language. If you need to see the page in English, you can use "".

And if you can login to Blogger, you can use the Language Selector list, where you will find your language selection, in your own language, somewhere in the list. You can set your dashboard language, from the list.

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Elizabeth Steiner Hayward said...

Thank you sooooo much for posting this. We're in Israel and for reasons unclear my daughter's blog & iGoogle page would only load in Hebrew while mine were still in English. We tried everything we could think of and could find in google searches until we stumbled on this answer which at least fixed her blog (but not her iGoogle home page for some reason). You've saved us from enormous frustration!

Patricia Lee said...

OH MY GOD THANK YOU I do not speak Korean. Thank you.

IQ said...

Thank you it was a very useful information you have provided..i dont read Arabic :)