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Our Ability To Blog Anonymously Is Confirmed

In a recent statement in Blogger Help Forum: How Do I?, Blogger has confirmed our right to publish our blogs anonymously.
Our policies aren't pro-stalker, they are pro-respecting the privacy of user information. We simply can not release information without due process.

Since this is a legal issue, you'll have to follow appropriate legal channels. Sorry we don't have an easier answer at this point, but I hope you can understand where we are coming from in terms of the importance of respecting privacy.

The promise of anonymity is an important reassurance for those who wish to publish blogs, without fear of being identified.

Anonymous blog owners can only be identified based on proper court order.

Only properly issued governmental court orders will result in blogger identification. We also note a previous advice.
we do not give out contact information for the owner of a blog

If you require the identity of any blog owner, get a lawyer, and / or an order from a judge. Or, do some detective work, on your own.

Blogger Support will not contact an owner, based on your request.

Blogger Support cannot unilaterally take your word as justification of your need to contact the other party. In addition, they cannot consistently contact all blog owners, when necessary.

You may publish a blog, in complete anonymity - but prepare for the risks.

And if you, as a blog owner, desire complete anonymity, there are more ways to protect your identity. However, please recognise that anonymous blogging requires that we accept responsibility - and always prepare for challenges, if the blog is ever deleted.


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