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Moles, Spies, Spammers, And Turkeys

In 1977, the late Charles Bronson - better known for his vigilante justice "Death Wish" movies - starred in a movie that capitalised on US paranoia about American - Soviet Russia relations. Set at the height of the Cold War era, the plot of Telefon featured 51 human time bombs - all ordinary Americans. Each had been hypnotised to perform as Soviet spies, when a specially coded telephone call was received, with each tasked to sabotage some specific portion of the American infrastructure.

None of the 51 human time bombs had any conscious awareness of their intended roles. Each thought of her or him self as an ordinary American, and lived that way - until a phone call from an evil renegade Soviet agent triggered their personal hypnotic suggestion.
The woods are lovely, dark, and deep, but I have promises to keep. And miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep. Remember. Miles to go before I sleep.

In the action adventure genre of fiction (aka "spy movie"), these spies are also called moles.

This year, we have noted many ordinary bloggers, who have no conscious awareness of their roles, tasked to sabotage the Blogger infrastructure.
My Blog mentioned above got deleted and called SPAM. But I honestly didn't do any SPAM. I went through TOS but I really don't understand my blog was deleted. Please, I have put so much of my time & effort for this blog & now its a PR2. (This blog is gone).
I received this msg after restore the blog, how long I must wait to get reinstated. This is totally joke, the blog is about 3 years and have hundreds of post. (This blog is gone).
I have been writing almost daily for more than two years and am very surprised as to why my blog would all of a sudden be classified as spam. I really can't think of any reason except that there must be a flaw in the algorithm used for automatically detecting such. (This blog is gone).

Many bloggers, just out there trying to make a buck, have been hypnotised by Affiliate partnerships, Pay To Click and Pay To Surf schemes, Syndicated Content (pay to write), and similar "make money fast and easy" techniques. And now, they are out there, begging for Blogger to just unblock their blogs, so they can get back to work. Back to work - abusing the Blogger infrastructure, and damaging the efforts of genuine bloggers.

They are not spammers (in their own minds), just as the 51 human time bombs were not Soviet agents. But just as the human time bombs (some of them) successfully destroyed key portions of America, these spammers are destroying key portions of Blogger Spam Interdiction, and of the effectiveness of Internet based advertising.

By their volume, they make it hard for us to get genuine, personal blogs, unjustly accused of being spam, back online. And they are requesting individual attention from Blogger
Please, tell me why I am considered a spammer.
This requires further resources from Blogger Support, and Google Legal, who together must decide how much - and how little - to tell these bloggers about spam interdiction, and why they were confirmed as spammers.

These are the real life moles. Moles, recruited by the genuine big time spammers. I also call them turkeys, elsewhere in my discussions.

In the meantime, the genuine spammers are out there, continually republishing their splog farms, and damaging our efforts as genuine bloggers.

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Lindy k. said…
Once again on behalf of all those who are new to blogging, I thank you. This is why I love your blogs, you explain what is happening, where, why and how...fantastic information for all of us...
Brian Uhelski said…
Wonderful. Well, I'm not a turkey. I'm just a guy who's seriously pissed that his blog was deleted for no good reason.
Ridodirected said…
Same like my situation. I been working hard for my blog. Day and night I been updating it and yet in few unintentional mistake they just removed it without any notice. Hope google could be able to improved the support services because we really feel hard in requesting to unlock our spam blog. I suggest before they removed a spam blog they must give some notice to bloggers so that we could be aware and have time to revised it in order to removed the scam.
Unknown said…
From the explanation here it now seems that Google is against people writing a review of affiliate product(s) with link in other to make money from their reader right?

If that is truth, then what benefit will one derive from taking 1 - 3 hours a day or more writing on something he will not get benefit whatsoever on.

If may ask again, does reviewing affiliate products with intention to make money when ones reader decided to purchase that products against Google law?

and to what extend will that consider SPAM?
Nitecruzr said…
From the explanation here it now seems that Google is against people writing a review of affiliate product(s) with link in other to make money from their reader right?

What is an "affiliate product"? What is the purpose of an "affiliate product"? Is there any real product or service being advertised, or is this simply a product which teaches you how to make money by advertising other "affiliate products"?

If the latter is true, then your blog is spam. It's that simple.

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